Would a hookah smell in my room?

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  1. I don't smoke shisha but i do have some herbal molasses. My mama was cool with me using it in the garage but I mean it's like a hundred degress. I never air'ed out the garage because i found it to have no smell. Regardless, I don't want to try it indoors and find out the hard way if i can ask my fellow blades for a hand. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. yes bro. I don't smoke tobacco, but my one friend who does smokes hookah in her room every once in a while, and it reeks for the whole day whenever she does it. Remember that hookah is tobacco smoke, so it will stick. Just stick with bud and you won't have to deal with it
  3. yeh it'll smell. plus you might get coals on your floor which will suck.
  4. The carpet in my old place looked fucking polka dotted because of this :laughing:
    It does leave some smell, but let in a little fresh air and you should be fine. I've never had the smell not clear up after a couple hours of airing out, it doesn't seem to 'stick' to the walls like cigarette smoke can, at least in my experience. Maybe because the shisha isn't actually being combusted, just baked, unlike the combusted tobacco from cigarettes or cigars.
    The herbal shisha isn't too strong anyway, just leaves kind of an incense smell. Just smoke a bowl's worth, then open the window and/or use a fan for an hour or two. Then see if it left a smell, get a second opinion to be sure. Unless you smoke it heavily with no ventilation, the smell shouldn't really be much of an issue.
  5. That Hydro herbal molasses? Shit sucks bro, you're better off with some legit shisha like Starbuzz or Al-Fakhersent from underneath my balls
  6. Just light the coals in someplace well ventilated and you should be fine. Yes there will be a smell from the hookah but I find that it goes away within an hour or 2.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    At least it's better than Zero herbal shisha, ever had that shit? I saw the margarita flavor in a tobacco shop for like four bucks, so I bought it out of curiosity. FUCK.
    Al Fakher and Nakhla FTW :hello:  Starbuzz has some good flavors, they're overpriced as tits though.
    Edit: Oh, and OP, if you're not already, use natural coals instead of quick lights! The quick lights can sometimes give off a funky smell from the propellant. The taste is way better with naturals too :smoke:
  8. Yes. Get some coco mayazas coals.Starbuzz is expensive, but it is long burning and delicious.sent from underneath my balls
  9. Yes, I have a hookah and it smells big time. If you're mom isn't cool with the smell don't push it. You're lucky enough to be allowed to do it in the garage.
  10. Yea but who cares? HahaSent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Smoke near a fireplace. Works every time
  12. it will smell but not for long. my ex and i used to smoke it a lot in her college dorm and never had any issues when the surprise inspections came. was one morning when the hookah was left out on her bedroom floor next to her dresser and they didnt even notice. though they did notice the naked non-student guy in bed in a female dorm (me). ahaha.
  13. I smoke herbal shisha out of mine. Smell doesn't last to long if the room is well ventilated. Instant light coals suck, that's what I'm using now cause that's what came with my hookah. Gotta order a different kind.

    What are your thoughts on the Soex brand herbal shisha?

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  14. hell yeah nakhla is the shit !
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    Stumbled accross this thread searching for something else, and since no one mentioned it I figured Id point in the right direction and open you eyes to an e hookah pen! 
    Not exactly the same as traditional hookah, but you still get the cool ritual of smoking. A big downfall to the hookah pens though is they are stupid expensive to buy in person, like $10 a pen which is a total rip off!
    They create no smell at all and just make a fat vapor cloud and taste like candy!
    Ive bought off ebay and other stores, but this company hooks it up, www.vapor-wholesales.com
  16. not even close to real hookah. They suck. Waste of money and are used up so quickly. If your interested in real vaping, then get a real vape. Again it's not even close to smoking traditional hookah.

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