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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bUdMoNkEy, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. ...so...we\'re all chuffin\' away like craizeee...but wot do you like to accompany your smoke?... i like an ice cold beer - or 6...my gf will only drink ice cold coke when smokin\' (soothes the sore throat she gets during a full on session)....whereas one mate takes shots of tequila with his...and another never drinks and smokes at the same time...but gets thru a kilo of chips\'n\'nuts whilst puffin!.....so wots your poison?...
  2. Nothing like an ice cold Guiness with a bowl. :D It\'s pure heaven. Mmm, mmm, steak in a blender, lol.
  3. well either a good beer, an ale of somesort and not freezing cold. or a cold mountain dew and some taco bell or wendys. mab some chipotle if its still open, damn i could go for someof this right now
  4. Mine\'s a glass of red wine, single malt scotch (during winter) or aged rum on the rocks (during summer). Yeah baby!
  5. Jack Daniels black label.........enough said!!!!!!!! LOL
  6. lots and lots of water... cotton mouth is a bitch!
  7. margaritas, pina coladas, and jack and coke.....

    Loooks like I might have to get started soon!!!
  8. cool coke with a toke!

    yey rhymingness
  9. anything i can use to keep me from getting parched....:D

    but as of late... i\'ve been on a huge vodka kick..... either greygoose and pineapple or grey goose and red bull..... last night was peach stoli and iced tea....

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