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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by tinche8, May 9, 2003.

  1. what do guys n gals think of my grow setups??

    P.S i wont be offended by any critascism...

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  2. why the fluro's and the HPS, are you going to try to split it in 2....if not, just go with the hps........Peace out.......Sid
  3. fluoros for veg is alot cheaper 2 run 24/7 in the UK... PLUS i am not growing for a PHAT yield, i am growing for my personal use. i only smoke 1 spliff a day

  4. i'm in the u.k. andf use a 400w hps and hardly notice the diffrence with the leckie cost........Peace out........Sid
  5. how much air should my extractor fan shift? i plan 2 get the fan from this site http://www.fastlight.co.uk/growlighting/

    P.S u hav 2 go to the bottom of the page and then click on fan pic 2 get info on the fan

  6. if i were you i'd go for the 150mm fan.....it pulls out a lot more than the smaller one.......nice price as well.......Peace out.....Sid

    ps don't get anything like these sent to yolur house.....use a friends address that doesn't grow.....and allways pay cash or other non traceable method.....safety first.......
  7. what if i get my equip sent 2 my house using the postal order method ? i DONT trus my friends... they would probably grass me up 2 spiteful... they are very childish in wayz

    how many CFM are there in my grow box and will the 6" (150mm ) fan keep my temps @ 70 degress ?

  8. i wouldn't......i'd buy the fan and ducting locally, rather than have it sent.......but it's up to you.......as for the fan....that's the hard part, you'll not really know how it do with keeping the temp down till you try it!........anywhere between 70-80 will do........Peace out.......Sid
  9. Yo sid
    do you think 2 skunk plants will stink up my grow room and the room that the grow room is in?

    where do u recommend gettin seeds from, i have ben told dr chronic or gypsy nirvana or badassbuds

  10. skunks do smell a lot......depends where the vent is going to.....but you'll still smell them in the house......as for seeds, try BPP's recommended seed banks, in the seed bank forum......Peace out.........Sid
  11. do u think the 6" (150mm) fan is strong enough to pull the air from ona bucket on the floor into the grow room ?

  12. what's ona bucket?.....Peace out.........Sid

    ps is that a hydro system?
  13. yes it is hydro system i have...it a bucket with odur neutralising agent inside, this stuff is highly effective, it smells out whole house when used... it smells like some form of fragrance

  14. does this "ona bucket" use some sort of gel? or is it liquid?
  15. yea, i have 2 fill the bucket with a 3rd of water and then add a little bit of water gel... when the plants start 2 stink, that when u put the ONA in the bucket

  16. k, i sorta get that. sounds pretty cool.
  17. what do the rest of yall think of my grow box ?

  18. ok, i get it better now;). i wonder if they sell shit like that around my part o' the woods.:)
  19. they sell it every where boss... it jus takes a long time 2 find it if u kno wot i mean ( many places wont sell it 2 u with ease) look 4 janotrial shops or business cos they sell it

    P.S excuse my bad spellin... i am stoned right now

    peace. tinche8

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