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  1. Saw this beautiful baby for 165... Think it's worth it? Here's the product description. And a pic.. I can link more pics aswell

    Double chamber inline bubbler with 11 fire~polished diamond cuts in each perk chamber. 10 sections, 11 " tall. Extra heavy wall glass is kiln annealed for durability. Only the highest quality! Specify either 14mm or 18mm upon ordering. Free glass-on-glass ice pinch bowl with purchase.

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  2. Theirs also this one I was thinking about getting but it's only 100.

    Clear triple perk bubbler. All three down stems are diffused for extra filtration. Approx.6~7" tall. Extra heavy wall glass is kiln annealed for durability. Only the highest quality!

    I don't know though =( I'm pretty new to glass but I've been smoking for 5 years. Are inlines good compared to other percs?

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  3. The inline looks very nice for the price, if it's in your range I'd go with that over the triple bub.

    The glass doesn't look that fragile either.
  4. My friend has a double bubb from this guy and let me tell you... This glass is THICK. probably 7-9mm
  5. From the description, I'd do it. But only cause it looks so smooth with the inline.

    The triple bub is the better economical solution.
  6. How are inlines on a 1/10 of percs? And money isn't a factor I'd rather get my moneys worth but also have good quality. Also size doesn't matter I actually like bigger glass
  7. bump for this question ^ to be answered
  8. Man i think that first one is a steal, you should def go for it (milk if you do!)
  9. Etsy!!! From the makers reviews people seem fairly happy with that piece.I was eyeballing that one as well but personally I still have my heart set on getting a zob wubbler with the 8 tree perc or the inline one.

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