Worth Getting MM Card if Under 21 and Prop 19 Passes?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by thesavagepony, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Would it be worth it to get my card? I met some guys in the dorms from San Diego, it seems like it's easy as hell to get your card down there. Just had a homie pick up some stuff for me from the club and omg.... This was just point for point weed, but it was some bomb ass snowcaps that probably beats out 90% of my regular 'dank' pickups. And for cheaper. My friends were talking about how bomb it is for the kids in the dorms that do have cards and about how we should probably try and get them before Prop 19 is decided on. Is it true that if you own a medical card, but are under 21, and Prop 19 passes that you will still be able to pick up from clubs? Sorry if I'm offending anyone, but my friends from SD say that most stoners down there have their cards, and I was so impressed by the quality of the stuff the people with MM cards in my dorm are picking up... it just seems oh so worth it. Oh, and this just sounds like the random 'facts' a friend of mine was insisting was true, but if you do get your card, does anything go on any of your 'records'? Like on your criminal record or something? One of the guys with a card says that each club does it differently, but in some clubs they enter your name into a database of some sort if you shop at their club. Doesn't sound too plausible but I'd rather be sure.
  2. yeah you should get one if you're under 21. you can still get it from dispensaries.
  3. prop 215 isn't being effected by prop 19 so why would it change you being able to go to a club or not? :wave:
  4. I would pick one up if I could do so because of the added grow potential of having a card.
    Although it will be real interesting to see what the commercial marketers are going to come up with.

  5. That's interesting; the medical marijuana industry may flourish more if Prop 19 passes. Those under 21 will go to doctors who will now feel more comfortable handing out cards because of the taboo that Prop 19 lifts, so they can buy the now regulated weed under the age limit the initiative requires.

  6. or it could create the stigma that all kids under 21 go flocking to doctors so they can smoke legally (like that doesn't happen now)
  7. It could also free up police to check more closely the applicants for medical marijuana,especially underage applicants,to verify the medical requirements are being met.
  8. shouldn't you only be getting a card if you have an illness that marijuana can help? Medicinal is meant for people who it helps, your kind of exploiting it.
  9. That sounds like a violation of civil rights to me.
  10. The only ones that would have to worry are the ones scamming the m/m law so they can get away with smoking under age. That doesn't concern you does it?:confused:
  11. Permanent medical record I wouldn't worried about. Maybe if you wanted a government job. Here one day and gone the next.
    And since I've discover three health conditions this year that I will have the rest of my life, I don't give two %%$# about a permanent health record on file somewhere.
    I'll be getting a card once I'm able too.

  12. That wouldn't concern me at all. However I would be worried about the police being able to check my medical records and history. Medical records are very protected and private documents, especially in the state of California. Anyone with a medical card should know this, it's our rights.
  13. if prop 19 passes there will be no reason for anyone 21 and over to get a doctors permission and when that happens only 18, 19 and 20 year olds will be using MM Cards to get weed and how many of them will really be sick/ill.
  14. i dont think DEA/police agencies have the right to object to the opinion of a medical professional....police agencies "shouldnt" have that power over people, not to mention the pettiness of doing so.
  15. I hope everyone who scams the MMJ laws in any State gets busted. Not only is it dishonest but it hurts the cause in States yet to pass MMJ laws.

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