Worst ( wound, injury, disease, worst pain) of your life

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  1. Had a throat abscess as a child, was hospitalized for it for a couple months. I remember it was boring as fuck, but my mom was a resident there so she got me the best room looking out into the woods.
  2. Well, I actually did try that when I saw him a few months later. I was drunk and basically ended up with a permanent slightly misshaped face to go with my other injury. lol
    At least I tried I guess.:smoke:
  3. temporal lobe epilepsy

    fuck epilepsy

    its not physically painful, but its is the most emotionally/mentally painful condition in my life.
  4. Panic attacks from anxiety. You think you are dieing or having a heart attack sometimes. No injury not even my back problems are worse then a full blown panic attack.
  5. broken tailbone with a desicated disc l4 l5

  6. Ah dude, you broke your coccyx. That sucks. Did you have to use one of those donuts every time you sat down.
  7. Recovering from hemroid surgery sucked.
  8. Anybody that skates knows what getting credit carded is....

    Try falling ten stairs to flat only to have the sharp edge of the board land straight up vertical catching your fall with your nuts before your feet even touch the ground.

    No scars or anything, but when that moment comes you wish you where rather be dead than to feel the pain you are feeling.
  9. I hit my head the other day running down the stairs.. i can't remember anything else.
  10. When I was just over two years of age, I ran off in a park and climbed up a long slippery slide thing. I went down it head first on my stomach.
    Now this would have been in 1983, parks/playpens have changed a fair bit since then.
    Back then it was pretty commonplace to have a bit at the end of the slide that kind of went upwards a little bit.
    I guess this was to slow descent.
    I also guess that it would have had I weighed a little bit more and had slid down as I was supposed to.
    Though in my case, it served as something that launched me forward.
    The top of my head hit the log that lined the outskirts of the kids play area.
    Naturally I have no memory of this, and apparently what words I'd learned by that age abandoned me, I didn't "start" talking again for another 6 weeks.
    So yeah, I broke my skull.
    Now the back of my head feels flat.

    That one I can't remember, though I'd say it was the worst injury.

    The worst pain I can remember is a toss up:

    *Dick in the zipper at the age of four.
    Yep, whole dick, I have a scar right along the underside of my penis.

    *Hit to the balls while hopping over a chair. Ball pain, but the worst ball pain ever. Longest duration too.

    *Kidneys getting all fucked up when I had food poisoning...honestly felt like they were going to rupture or something. Thank God for cranberry juice killing that part of the pain.

    *Migraines. Hard to even relate these to just headaches...they're headaches plus nausea, muscle cramps and like, barbed wire being dragged through your brain every time there's a light or sound change. Fffuuuu!
  11. Comminuted scapula fracture. Was gonna have surgery, but I also had a pulmonary contusion, and got pneumonia and staph infection, and by the time I got rid of it, the bone had mended. My medicaid also got revoked (they fucked up and left me on it, then found out I was too old). So I never got the surgery. It's still fucked up, only about 75% usage. It doesn't hurt anymore, but the joint was displaced, so I see arthritic shoulder in my future.
  12. Getting a chest tube put in with no painkillers probably takes the cake for my worst physical pain.
  13. Nothing too serious for me actually, the worst thing for me was probably when during high school at some dance we were just running around the gym in one line like a bunch of idiots, I was in the middle of the line of all the boys haha and I never knew that everyone was turning back into my direction. Anyways, the biggest guy in the gym doesn't notice me and runs into me, elbowing me in the eye. Since I'm wearing glasses, the glass cracks in pieces and one piece sliced through my eyelid lol, I was in shock for a few seconds but I never fell down or anything but seconds after I noticed blood dripping from my face like a little puddle starts to form and one of my good buddies notices and everyone crowds around me and a teacher comes in, takes me into the office and because of me they basically stop the dance haha.. anyways, mom came to school and had to drive me to the hospital, 5 stitches and I'm good, remember after the hospital mom drove me to mcdonalds <3
  14. FUCK

    This thread is just fucking painful to read!!!
  15. Hemmoragic necrotizing pancreatitus..........Four months in a coma, Fifty seven abdominal surgerys. (over three years) Lost half of my pancreas, (instant diabetic) eleven feet of colon, removed gallbladder and appendix. Had to wear colostomy bag for a year and a half...........Finally recovered, was fine for almost two years, then the mesh used to repair the surgical hernias got infected, three more surgerys to completly remove the mesh..........Still here, Rockin and tokin
    peace B
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    I haven't really hurt my self all that bad before, but the worst pain ive ever felt was when my appendix ruptured, and it literally felt like i was being repeatedly stabbed in the lower stomach by a knife. On top of the sharp pains, it felt like my entire chest and stomach was on fire, i could feel burning all over, I could have passed out it hurt so bad. I didnt know it was my appendix at first, i just thought it was a stomach ache from hell. I was sitting on the couch screaming fuck into a pillow and then i i got nauseous, so i managed to make it to the bathroom and throw up, but when i did i vomited up blood. I freaked the fuck out and had my mom take me to the hospital where they told me what happened and i had to have surgery to have it removed and my organs flushed out from the posion. That shit SUCKED.

  17. What this guy said, this thread is sickening. I can't believe the shit that's happened to all of you!
  18. Either hyperextending my right knee or spraining my left anke. Both came from playing basketball, both hurt like hell, and were extremely swollen. If I had to go with one i'd say the knee injury, it couldn't of came at a worse time, and i couldn't walk for a month.
  19. it must be pretty lucky ! worst pain i've ever had is dsslocting my shoulder then rolling on it like 3 times down a hill
  20. Broken pelvis from riding bmx. Cased an air out pretty bad.

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