worst week of my life

Discussion in 'General' started by wv dro, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. to start off my phone gets confiscated with no promise of it being returned.

    then my "freind" steals a brand new jordan book bag and 2 pairs of jordans and my new bowl so now ive got to beat his ass to get my shit back.

    then on top of all that i get home today and my yz125 is stolen (its a dirtbike i just put $2200 into)

    on top of all this i cant make plans for tommarow or get bud because my phones gone.

    im going to look for the dirtbike tommarow and get my shit back. somebodys gettin hurt.
  2. i think you might be hanging out with the wrong people if you dont want your shit stolen

  3. i never really like the guy that stole the jays. he was freinds with all kinds of people i hung out with.
  4. Lmfao, if this is the worst week of your life... then you have a helluva good life.

    This is a fuckin good week haha
  5. One day you'll be lookin back to these days when you're smoking again, make sure you handle it in a way that'll put a smile on your face. :bongin:
  6. lol idk about all that. he lost just under 3 g's worth of shit and his weekend is shot. sounds like the opposite of a good week.

    start huntin brotha. theives get away all too often. if i ever caught someone stealin from me i'd raise hell. im not gonna go bust my ass 50 plus hours a week so you can just come by and steal it cuz ur too lazy to buy it. fuck that. :eek:


  7. He's obviously in college/high school. Losing over 5 g's is kind of a big deal.

  8. I wouldn't go as far as saying this has been a good week for the OP, but I suppose you meant it could always be worse.

    Which in that case, I agree! :smoke:

    OP, my heart goes out to you. Theft of any kind is never acceptable, and from your friends too only adds insult to injury. Luckily, they're all material things. You still have your health!

    You can get the same items back, one way or another.
    Repurchase, or confront your friend.
  9. Yes I was definately joking about it being a good week. But seriously... if this is the worst week ever then that's sad. I've lost $60k in a friggin day. And I'm not rich.... and that wasn't even one of my worst days hahaha. Live on my friend.
  10. damn you got did.
  11. you all may not think 3k is a big number. but im an 18 year old senior. id kill for 3k.
  12. These are all material possessions, you should not hold such value to things that can be stolen or easily destroyed.
  13. I agree in theory, but who are you to tell him what he should or shouldnt value?
  14. You're right, I shouldn't tell him NOT to value these things. I should have said, it's in my own experience that valuing material possessions is pointless, primarily because they are finite and the novelty they bring to the human brain is finite. :)
  15. Worst week of your life...so far.

  16. That's a shitty week. But why in gods name would you drop 2200 into a yfz125? You could have owned a used 450 for that price:confused:
  17. because i dont want a 4 stroke or a 250. i want a 125 to race. i dont want to be in a class where the guy with the most money in his engine wins. in a 125 class you have to go balls to the wall and be skilled to get 4th plave. bigger isnt always better. if you ride a 450 hop into a 125 class. i bet you come in dead last. but that bike was my baby. i literally put more blood sweat,tears and cash into that than anything in my life and i will find it.

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