Worst Weather You Got High

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Frank Darko, May 21, 2013.

  1. Tell em
    Mine is probably in a winter storm a few blocks away from my house under a tree lol

  2. Conrad, is that you??? 
    Mine is pretty much exactly the same as yours haha. On New Years Eve.
    Either that, or in the middle of a pretty wicked thunderstorm hanging out under a bridge.
  3. Tornado in Illinois...Skipped through north of where I was living in Illinois.  Touched down on a cathedral of all things in Joliet, stepped outside and lit up a joint; one of the reasons I moved to that wretched state was so I could smoke a J in a tornado. :cool:
  4. Built an igloo in a snow storm and got it nice and smokey in there 
  5. ^^ Sounds like one of the "99 things before you die" type of shit, seems cool. Don't know if this is worse but I remember it was the summer of 2010 in NY where the weather increased to a whopping high 101! Shit, I felt like one of those paint skins that were being smeared off from the surface and just being directly beamed on. Combined that with being high and the effect just worsens. Never again will I smoke in hot weather without any AC near me.  
  6. sunny day 72f light breeze, under a shady tree.  worst day of my life
  7. I'm in Oklahoma and the storms have been pretty bad the last couple days but im like 2 hours north of the tornado so it wasnt that bad... Ive also smoked during a hurricane in florida
  8. I'd have to say it would be in arlington a while back, we had 15 confirmed tornado touchdowns, what a fun night.
  9. A tornado and 3 Blizzards in NY
  10. i was trippin sack during hurricane sandy... shit shoulda been called hurricane lucy.
    the trees are dancing all around, i went out for a cigarette in the pouring rain and insane wind. laughed my ass off like lt. dan in forrest gump.
  11. Luckily I was sober for that shit in moore. I live an hour away so it didn't affect me, but the day before, a tornado starting forming RIGHT above my house. That shit was rotating, and about to connect to the ground, but luckily it took a couple more miles to complete. Got me scared shitless, but it was so badass looking Hahahaha
  12. I was at a friends house when there was a huge thunderstorm/tornado warning shit and we basically had to stay till it was over. So we sparked and watched netfilx to pass the time. It wasn't too bad though because apt. buildings don't lose power during storms and she had a huge wall to wall window, so we opened it and watched to storm too.
    twas pretty peaceful.
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    Probably the day I wore a wife-beater and shorts cuz it was nice out. 
    Went to light my spoon/pipe and a drop of rain put out the flame ON THE LIGHTER. <----- True stuff
    It started pourin in like 5 mins so I took shelter behind a big dumpster with the lid open.
    If anyone saw me I probably looked like a crackhead.
  14. 28 inches of snow and Hurricane Sandy.
  15. Tornado in Illinois...Skipped through north of where I was living in Illinois. 
  16. nah man i aint conrad
  17. Wasn't high during it but during Sandy my dad and I drove from St Louis home to Jersey. Within 20 minutes of being home I was off to go smoke, no power, trees down all over. Had to climb past downed power lines to get to his house cause a tree blocked the road. Fun time.
    its been a crazy year eh?
  20. Hurricane Andrew when I was pretty much a baby.
    Also 2007 was a pretty bad year with Wilma, Emily, and Katrina.
    I had also moved to San Diego in time for the California Wildfire that engulfed nearly most of the state. 

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