Worst US loss of life in Afghan war as helicopter crash kills 38

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  1. RIP :(

    Worst US loss of life in Afghan war as helicopter crash kills 38 | World news | guardian.co.uk

    Seven Afghan soldiers and 31 US special forces die after insurgents reportedly shoot down Chinook with rocket

    31 Americans, 7 Afghans killed in helicopter crash - News from The Associated Press

    BBC News - US helicopter 'shot down' by Taliban in Afghanistan

    NATO Crash: 38 Killed Including 25 Navy SEALs in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan - ABC News

    Please support someone who will end these senseless wars and bring all of our troops home.
  2. Somebody remind me again why we're still there? I'm guessing the reasons are probably as logical as those you'd get for asking "why is mj still illegal".

    I thought Obamy was gonna have us out of there. Now we're hearing that we'll be lucky to see troop levels drop to where they were before Obama's troop surge. Now that Osama is dead we could simply say "mission accomplished" and gtfo. Let the barbarians kill each other for all I care.

  3. Indeed...
    Vote Ron Paul...

    This will be a massive boost to the morale of the Taliban... The war in Afghanistan will never end unless a US administration sees the light and brings their troops home....

    RIP and I wonder how the families of those killed will feel today about Obombya and his false bullshit promises...

  4. The troops already overwhelmingly support Ron Paul over the entire GOP field combined. They support him with their dollars more than Obama (their "boss", the Commander-in-chief!). Talk about a vote of no confidence.

    What a fuckstory. :(
  5. What's worse is that this stupid Administration will probably try to use this to justify MORE militarism. Why?

    Oh I dunno:


  6. Jesus that is freaky...
    Kind of like karma don't ya think ? Its like ole Benny Laden was getting his own back from the grave... The Taliban will always be linked with Benny from his time donkey hopping around Afghanistan...

    Don't mean to try and make a joke out of the deaths of these US citizens and I hope it is not taken as that.
    Any loss of life in any conflict especially one as futile and pointless as this is to be regretted...
  7. Surely an inside job.
  8. come on guys not everything is a fucking conspiracy
  9. where's the conspiracy?

  10. The government didnt kill OBL and theyre taking out everyone who was involved so no one can squeal.
  11. someone said that in this thread?

    i need to read more thoroughly i guess..
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    there's 2 discussions of this going on between 2 threads, and im posting on multiple message boards about it. Easy to get mixed up

    I like how MJU liked your post though even though he was the first person on grasscity to make a post implying it was a cover up (OBL thread)


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q7Iir8U2O8]‪taliban crashes down the us chenook.flv‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    dont know if this is real or not but this is supposedly the footage
  13. that vid is from september 2010
  14. Nobody seemed to mention the chopper that went down was carrying Seal Team 6. They haven't confirmed if it was shot down or crashed yet. The Taliban just jumped on the wagon because it was the team that assassinated Usamah

  15. thanks for the debunk
  16. RIP to all US men and women who have died and RIP for all those innocent people of Afghanistan who were killed for the sake of imperialism
  17. More souls that will forever wander the sands due to the endless war.

    Why weren't the enjoying life here at home?

    Oh yeah, the military brainwashes people into joining them, and the U.S.A has passion for armed conflict.
  18. Yea, the Taliban are imperialists aren't they? You really NEED to thank God that someone is willing to stand up to people like them.
  19. sensational propagandists' media coverup of the riots in London perhaps? Don't ask me, I'm neutral

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