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Worst type of people to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Re you fucking serious??!!!!:eek:
  2. [quote name='"JapanLeMans"']95% of people in this thread......Some of you must be lame as hell in real life.[/quote]

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    Like said before people who act drunk when there high.
    Also people who are always calling you up to smoke your stash but never share theres. A few months ago I met this kid who was obviously youndlger than I was. Well I smoked him out once, while I was rollin in my car we smoked a blunt and first off he slobbered on the blunt, he hogged it quite a bit, and worse of all he dropped it out the car. I was so pissed off. After that we go to an in n out. I was all ordering when he starts to act all stupid in front of the cashier. The cashier just looked at him probably thinking this guys an idiot. Ohh he never has money so I had to buy the fucker food he almost cried begging me to buy him a bunch of food. After that day he kept calling and texting asking me to smoke him out. Never did. This guy also asked me for an eighth once so I went and got it for him and when I brought it over it turned out he was broke. And he just says, hey foo, can you just consider this a hook up? He wanted it for free. I said hell no, and he was all like come on foo don't be like that. I just took the stash out of his hands and walked out
    Almost wanting to kick this guys ass.
  4. I haven't smoked with a variety of people really, mostly just my group of close friends (which is small) but, two of them used to be in a relationship and they'd get into spats constantly in a session.

    This drove me mad. Shit would be good, we'd all just chill and talk maybe watch some tv or look up stupid shit on the internet for laughs and all of a sudden, she would be on her phone and he would get overly paranoid and tell her to show him her messages and they'd get into a dumb fight and kill it for the rest of us completely.

    This was a double downer just because they were both our close friends and nobody wants to see that shit sober, much less when your lighting up. Seriously...
  5. People that get paranoid really pisses me off. I also hate people that just come to smoke then leaves or just hangs in the same spot and doesn't want to do anything fun.
  6. I have this friend who I Hate to toke with. He's always quick to smoke someone else's weed but never his, always saying he has to make it last and that he has no money when he obviously does. Thats bearable though, the next part isnt.
    He always gets super antisocial and sad when he doesn't get super huge hits (lightweight btw, like 130 lbs) he's always complaining and has to be higher than everyone else. He also thinks he's really smart when he's high. Once he walked home (a coupe miles) at like 1 in the morning because he thought that the host didnt want anyone there and that he was a nuisance. We followed him home because we thought he was thinking of suicide because he had no reason to leave other than being a retard.

    -People who are quick to smoke your weed but never theirs.
    -People who complain about not being high enough
    -People who think theyre smarter than everyone when theyre high and act retarded.

  7. ive been there, agreed to smoke an old friend out because he was having a tough week. showed up with his little brother (who was like 16 and dealing) and two of our friends.

    Besides that. its the kid who doesnt smoke much and acts really high when he does/wastes weed. (such as the guy i mentioned above). back in junior year of highschool we were all at someones house after school on a friday. we had a blunt passing around in the basement and we were having a who can hold their hit longest contest. He hit it like someone does a cig, quickly inhale quickly exhale. After we all had couch lock and were watching the Chapelle show and he was doing some homework. so the rest of us were asking how you feeling bro. no lie he looks up from his book strait faced. screws up his eyes and goes "yoooo im so wasted you guys i can barely sit up." and falls down. forget that you were sitting just fine for the last thirty minutes.

    This is also the guy in the group most paranoid about any little sound or disturbance in the force when smoking. This summer we were blazing in my backyard by the pool on a particularly hot night. Had joint going around the circle. somewhere in the distance you could hear a car parking and someone locking it. He freaks out saying something about cops, but we managed to talk him down. Deciding we werent high enough we rolled a blunt this time. a car comes down my street as we were lighting it. I had just handed off the blunt to one of my other buddies when the same car comes down the street again going the other way. my friend had just put the tip on his lips when the guy smacks the blunt out of his mouth and into a cup of water.
  8. hyperactive fat chicks
  9. i hate people that are paranoid and dont want to do anything. i also hate people that are arrogant/disrespectful. when im high, i want to be with energetic, happy, and fun people. i would rather walk around aimlessly than vegitate on a couch. being high makes me this about morals/manners, so an arrogant duchebag is not an option :)
  10. That one kid who shits his pants. He was always pretty funny

  11. I want to get high, not act like a complete fucking idiot...
  12. It pisses me off when you're smoking in a somewhat sketchy/public place and one of the people you're with keeps drawing attention to the group. For example, I was smoking with a couple people in a parked car once and my friend kept shouting at people who were walking by. It's like, dude, we're already doing something illegal, why the fuck would you want to bring more attention to us?
  13. The worst people to smoke with are people that are just plain annoying,greedy,stupid and selfish, people naturally are like that. imagine when they take a couple hits of YOUR weed...
  14. Yeah paranoid people are THE WORST. I will be paranoid when the situation calls for it but even then I am not paranoid, just overly attentive. Watching out for surroundings,taking somewhat discreet hits. But the people who are super paranoid about everything and anything.. They hear a car go by, holy shit it must be the cops, ditch that blunt! Um.. fuck you! Like I said I have smoked in sketchy spots with other people and by myself and all you have to do is be attentive.

    It also helps to have a regular smoking spot that is safe.

    Also GREEDY people. I am a generous person and when I had a pipe I would load it to the top of the bowl, a fat ass bowl. Well my friend would load a shit ton and not pack it down. I would pack the bowl and it would be like nothing... He'd take a massive rip and when it was my turn it would be cash and he wouldn't load anymore because he's already high...

  15. i dont like smoking with people who use antisocial wrong :)
  16. Yeah Man Im with you on that for sure..... Im mostly just a Lone Stoner or i blaze with like 1 or 2 buddies who actually know how 2 smoke without being annoying fucks. Any other time I usally just dont even enjoy I dont like going to a big group of people to sesh where there always a few people who have no pitch or those kids that think there so cool for blazing and act stupid and shit attracting heat i rather just be stoned alone talking online to people where its not going to be a buzz kill
  17. Lol, perfectly stated, some of us are out of high school.

  18. this kid sounds like a bitch
  19. I guess i'm the worse guy to smoke with.
  20. People that just get paranoid or act complety retarted. And Sometimes when people ask me to do certain things like clear a bowl when its half full and he wants me to fill it up all the way so he can clear it. Im not being a snob about it but its like da Fuq? dude

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