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Worst type of people to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Everyone knows someone in their smoke group that are almost unbearable to smoke with. For me, it's the people who are new to the herb (not always) and act drunk instead of high. These people will sing loudly to songs, say ridiculous things like, "Duuuude, whoaa, look at my hand bra, i'm trippin, i'm so high lol" or basically turn into a little kid. I can't stand to smoke with someone who gets immature and loud. It feels like I'm suddenly hanging out with a 12 year old, and that's just a little creepy.

    Who is your least favorite type of smoking parter?
  2. People that hit the herb and then don't talk at all. I am a quiet person, but if I am burning with someone it is most likely because I appreciate their company and like what they have to say.
  3. i hate people who are generous with other people's weed
  4. People that act like morons.
    People that act like they are sucking a dick when they hit a bowl.
    People that slobber on the joint.

    About it that I can think of.
  5. People that steal your shit. Just went to a party the other day lost my lighter and eyedrops. Last time I just hand things over expecting to get it back
  6. People Who Never Buy Weed But Are Always Down To Smoke Out Your Stash Even When They Get A Good Sized Check But Instead Of Buying Themselves A Bag With There Own Money They Buy Garbage (Unmentionables) and Never have Any Of There Own Bud.
  7. I cant stand wen kids kill a whole burn of weed that isnt theres so fuking annoying.
  8. Basically what OP said. People who won't quit fidgeting with the radio in the car, who yell out the window, act like they just hit some meth, etc. Just yesterday, I smoked with some really annoying guy who ended up taking only two hits and getting high as fuck. He wouldn't quit screaming and saying "SHIT BRO, I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS HIGH."
  9. People that talk too much and hold the joint for 5 minutes while doing so.
  10. The final straw for me with this one person (Sarah) was the last time we smoked, we were outside the streets with her and our other friend Zach. We had smoked ONE BOWL. This bowl was shared among me sarah and zach. 10 minutes later, we're all taking a stroll when all of a sudden Sarahs like, "Whoa man! The higher I jump, the closer I get to space guys! THE HIGHER I JUMP THE CLOSER I GET TO SPACE!!" And me and Zach were like, "Dude, sarah, chill man, wtf". She would not stop, then she got "lost" 20 steps behind us. Ridiculous. >:|
  11. Kid that never has weed to match
    Kid that takes more than two hits when everyone else is puff puff passing
    Kid that torches the bowl and burns more than half of it, leaving no greens for someone else
  12. People that just talk too much and hold the bowl / joint / whatever we're using.

    People that act higher than they actually are.
  13. i have many, something i might get hated for is when i have my own weed and i double or triple up on cones out of MY OWN chop, and people get pissy. Ill pass the bong if you want it but if your all gunna sit ther talking and not hittin it then god damn it i shall! if its not being used and its my weed, what the fucks the problem?
  14. People who complain about other people and what they do when they are high.
  15. People Who Get Greedy & Take 20 Hits Of My WEED being a bitch just because i took like two fat hits when ever im smoking down with them for free.
  16. People who try to take advantage of me while i'm high, even though i'm totally aware of what they're trying to do and what the OP said.
  17. I smoke with my brother and his friends ocasionally when I am home, I rarely like to do it anymore though because his one friend is the most annoying little bastard. He goes on and on about shit, stuff that is totally wrong and then starts repeating himself. He then proceeds to think its funny that consistently trying to get someones attention EVEN when they are listening to him.

    He is just an all around annoying person, sais really stupid shit that isnt even near the truth about cannabis. Just in general ticks me off. Overall my brother and his friends are generally just annoying retards that do stupid shit when they are high. I cant smoke with them anymore because everything they do just annoys the hell out of me.

    I am more of a loner stoner I guess, much prefer to be alone when high.... or just with a friend or two that I get along with.

    One thing I LIKE doing when high though is talking about growing....I dont know why but I get real obsessed about it when high. I also like to take a couple hits and go on a night drive, I prefer not to drive really high though.
  18. People who take several hits off a bowl when it's really good weed and say, "Nah, man. I'm not high yet."

    Rookies who don't know the effects and freak out for no reason.

    And basically the same as those mentioned above.
    Just insanely annoying peeps, man. XD

  19. You mean the process of growing up and becoming more aware of things, or like how plants grow and get bigger? Or how you put a sponge animal in water?
  20. pretty much what op said

    when i first started smoking the kid that introduced me would always act much higher than he was. after like two hits he'd be like "duuuuuude look at this window mannn, feel this window man, haha im sooo high duuuude holy shit", while i just sit there after smoking with no tolerance, thinking how full of shit he is

    the same kid also acts high when he isnt. and he always would text me when he was smoking (whether he was lying or not). also, he would tell me about some dank ass bud he got or something, id go check it out since dank is hard to come by here, and it just turns out to be some brown shwaggity ass bullshit.

    i also hate people that never just want to chill.

    all of that combined made me stop smoking with friends for the longest time

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