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worst trips ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cj123xyz, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Last night I had a really really bad trip along with a panic attack because everything was pulsing really weird and it was honestly kinda scary. Anyway, whats the scariest/worst trip you guys have ever had when you were really high?

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    and here we are with another noob account using the same scary story board...
  3. Not trying to be that guy but... If you took/take legit hallucinogens, you know what tripping is, cannabinoids are mild in comparison. Not trying to put down some good old weed though, It's my favourite and most used drug for fuck sake. :laughing: 

    Apologies if I come off as a semantic arsebag.
  4. You don't trip on weed OP.  I know what you mean by the feeling (Greening out, panic attack), but that certainly isnt tripping.
  5. this one time at a dead show in 87..
  6. My flight to Australia was about 24 hours. Once the firecrackers wore off I was stuck sober on a plane for 15 hours. That wasnt a great part of the trip..
  7. I can't remember my worst trip, I had my share, mostly good thankfully, but never tripped on weed.
    mine was at MSG when i was like 17.. at a dead show.
    donno if you remember they used to put that giant king kong on the top of the garden when the dead played there.
    that fucker tripped me the fuck out bad lol.. took one of those "album covers"
    but yeah.. never tripped on weed either. OP must get really good weed.
  9. I could imagine that.

    The worst concert trip (again, not weed) I had was at a Captain Beefheart show at the Town Hall venue in NYC. Nothing wrong with the music, it was the tour for the album "Clear Spot" which, unbeknownst to me at the time, was an artistic expression against the very thing(s) that I had taken. I found that out, later.
  10. Instead of re creating a threadbqhy dont you take the time to search for these threads not trying to an ass but thats thats like the most ask question here..anyway iv never tripped to hard on pot. Mushrooms though. Now thats a real trip
  11. No man you totally can trip on weed. I've had some really good shit and smoking a bowl of that sent you to a different place if you just closed your eyes and laid down. I tried an unmentionable (semi organic, active at really low doses, if that gives you any hints) and it was comparable to these weed trips. Just way longer duration and more intense.

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