worst time of my life

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  1. i have been going through the worst time in my life. my boy was out on his motorcycle last night and an asshole in a truck pulling a boat pulled out in front of him w/out looking and my there was nothing my friend could do, he smashed into the side of the boat and died. everyone has been taking it really bad. i can't find a flight home for the funeral. R.I.P. Blake Hancotte. your gone but will never be forgotten. i'm away at school in arkansas for baseball and i hate it here. my girl was supposed to come up here this weekend and said she couldn't cause she had to work the boat show at home, which i know she has to do sometimes so i was like ok cool you can just come up in a couple weeks. i then go on her facebook and see a pic of her and her ex at the boatshow which was on valentines day btw. school sucks. i havent been able to find any bud in 4 weeks now. i think i'm loosing my mind for real i don't know how to cope w/ everything right now. /end of my venting i just had to try and get it off my chest. i would kill for some bud right now
  2. First off, I'm really sorry man. My brother rides a motorcycle and am really scared for him, not because of his driving, but the driving of others. It is a pretty dangerous mode of transportation, as much as I hate to say it.

    All I can say is show gratitude that you shared some of your life with him and he did the same with you. Be delighted that he was on the same plane as you at one point. For all you know, he has moved onto better and greater things.

    And for the bud situation, be aware that bud will not teach you how to cope with things. It will not take the burder off your chest, rather elongate it. Going through this tough time sober is the best way through it. Trust me on that.
  3. ironic that your friend gets killed by a boat but your girlfriend helps sell them
  4. its fucking rough he was always trying to make people smile and laugh i honestly tried to think of it and i can't think of a single bad time w/ the him. he was a real one of a kind person, i grew up with him from playing little league to highschool. he was only twenty years old. the worst part is two of our close friends one that was really like his brother were there to witness it. and when i talked to him last week he was telling me how he is getting rid of the bike cause it is a "death trap" and he doesn't feel safe on it.
  5. yea its prob a sign that i should get rid of her.
  6. man this shit sucks i didn't sleep last night or at all today and i haven't eaten shit
  7. hang in there man, things will sort themselves out eventually. take care.
  8. Nope, just a coincidence.

    /Irony Nazi

  9. I was gonna say that, but I figured you have enough on your plate right now. Sorry for your loss, and stay sober until you deal with your problems, like the other person said, weed will only make it worse. for now.
  10. I really hope things get better for you. As far as the girlfriend situation goes I know how you feel. They can really tear you apart.
  11. I'm really sorry to hear that. This sort of thing really makes me take back me wanting a motorcycle any time soon.

    The best way to deal with the pain of loss is to do it sober. Smoking does not take the sting off if you are sad. You'll have a really bad high if you smoke any time soon. It's best to deal with stuff like this sober.

    Time heals all wounds. It hurts now, but it will not hurt forever. Its all apart of life, as sad as it is to hear someone go like that.

    next time I have bud, I'll light one up for you and your friend :eek:
  12. thanks everyone for the support during this rough time in my life, i know my friend wouldn't want everyone to be sad, he was always trying to make the best of every situation and make people smile. i'm trying my best but its just hard. i would really like to smoke a blunt in his memory i really think that is what he'd want. there was a candle vigil for him tonight at the scene of the accident.
  13. just wanted to give you my condolences on your loss...
    the only advice I can give is that time heals everything eventually. if your school has some sort of counselor or something, i would suggest taking advantage of it. (if you need help to deal with your friends sudden passing)
    It's hard now, but your life doesnt have to stop because of what happened. Remember its ok to go through all the emotions you are going through, and everybody needs to grieve and mourn, and it takes time.
  14. That is nuts, sorry bro, atleast you wernt high when they toll you about it, i was at my friends house and we smoked some bud and his dad had a heart attack the police came and toll him that he had died and he just giggled, he didnt relized what happend until he soberd up in the cop car that took him to his mother, i regred getting weed for him but i was the first one there to spark a blunt with him, id say buy a nice 50 sac and smoke away bro, pain is just a part of life and when i smoke weed i feel like i been smoking with the lost one in there name, its just a part of life and so is smoking weed so if it gives you that one night of rest of the pain i would do it.
  15. Sorry about your friend. I've never had a friend die on me but I'm after having friends gone missing (found them) And I took it pretty bad, I couldnt even imagine what I would do if a friend died. You must be pretty strong to be able to write something like that on a forum. Hope everything gets better than it is for you.:)
  16. im really sorry to hear about your friend. and all of your other misfortunes right now. i lost a best friend in a car wreck my senior year when she was only 18. the 3 year anniversary is actually a week from today. it's hard. but a lot of my friends and i got a lot of comfort from spending time with her mom. we would have sleepovers at her house and all just take turns telling great stories. the only way to deal with it is to talk about it. im definitely not against smoking when you're upset..just make sure you don't sit around by yourself thinking about sad things. cheef w/a friend and talk about funny times w/your buddy. that always seems to make me feel better. but i realize it will take a little while to get over all the grief. i'm really sorry to hear your story. but it will get better!
  17. i finally got bud last night and smoked one for my boy and i have to say i feel 10x better now.
  18. Hey i'm so sorry for your loss man. But don't use weed, at least for the next month, to make yourself feel better that will backfire. You should talk to other friends about it, this sucks.

    It's one of my worst fears, I have a couple truly close friends who are just awesome and idk what i'd do without either of them.

    I'd also recommend looking into getting a counselor. It's not a pussy thing to do or anything, just someone you can talk to without worrying about being judged. This shit could hurt your psychological well being bigger than your willing to acknowledge at this current point in time.

    Sorry for your loss again. I hope you get through it.
  19. real sorry about your boy...today(well technicly yesterday its 130am) was my boys 3 year...he died in an accident too.


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