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  1. The first thing I'm going to say is DO NOT -REP ANYONE IN THIS THREAD

    We all did something fucked up in our lives, every single last one of you. Share it with us.

    I remember when I was little, this kid my age I would always hang out with. My brother always told me to punch him in the face, so I listened to him, each time he came around he told me to. He cried at times and some he didn't. He tried to run away on his bike one time so I grabbed his back tire and he flew right off the handlebars.

    I was young and stupid, I wouldn't do that to anyone now. But that was pretty fucked up.
  2. this should be pretty interesting

    Once i was at a 10th grade pool party at this rich girls house. I was in the pool trying to flirt with this girl I've known,K. somehow we end up on opposite sides of the pool, and i get the great idea to toss her a foam boogeyboard. I call K's name and frisbee the boogeyboard to her, it ends up going faster than i thought, breaking her nose.

    A minute later she's face down in the water, bloody with all her girlfriends giving me the nastiest looks, helping her outta the water. needless to say i didn't get the catch.

    I've done my fair share of stealing as a kid, I'm sure most people go through the "Steal eveything in sight' phase... well i was 15

    On the way home from school from 2nd-5th grade, I'd often beat on my neighbour walking the same direction as me, he was one of those kids who just asks for it. His mom would talk to my mom about why he was coming home crying after school. (Bury him in snow, thwack with things)

    Glad i got my foolishness out of me as a youngster.
  3. uhhh, well one of the worst things is walk past all my neighbors after forgetting to put on pants, so its boxers...and i didnt button the boxers...that was interesting

    as for bad things purposely, i was always a good kid, never robbed anyone, never violent...but one time during a fight with my ex girlfriend who didnt want me smoking weed, i flipped shit and threw a vase against the wall....apparently the vase was made by a blind person and was very rare...and i felt bad...

    thats about the worst thing i did...i pissed in a persons convertable once too, but that was due to being a teenager and drunk and not seeing...

    i feel like a goody two shoes
  4. I know these 2 guys who play waterpolo, they share speedos sometimes, i told one of their girlfriends they share junk and she dumped him. I temporarily felt bad about it, i guess. I have a way of ending peoples relationships :(
  5. I used one of my ex-boyfriends for money. I used him pretty badly. I feel terrible about it now.
  6. I was about 10 or so, and my mother was babysitting this 4 year old boy.

    Well it was just after halloween and I had a new mask- a monster looking thing. So I hid it under the couch. So he is playing on the floor with his back to me- I grab the mask without him being aware and put it on, tap his shoulder.


    I never heard a kid scream so loud and high pitched.

    I felt so awful- he started crying.

    Probably sleeps with a nightlight still.
  7. When I was little, I tortured my sis's cat :(

    In high school, me and my friends were into vandalism. We smashed hundreds of car windows. A few while the people were in them. I even accidentally shot one girl and made her crash.
    We shot a lot of people with paintballs.
    We stole a lot of things. Mostly from stores but we also stole things from houses. I took one bike right out of a garage.
    We eventually got arrested at Target. I only took a dvd so I didnt go to jail but my friend took a wireless controller, mp3 player, and headphones. I convenced the cop that the mp3 was his so he didnt get arrested either.

    Those days are over for me. I dont do any of that anymore.
  8. Back in the day when I was bout 14, I straight up robbed this older couple at knifepoint outside a CVS. Thing is, I dont even feel bad for it, to this day. I know it was bad, I know it was fucked up. I still dont feel bad.

    Right around the same age me and 3 others jumped this kid that didnt need jumping at all, I coulda beat his ass one on one. I wanted dudes shoes, so we jumped on him, beat his ass, and stole all his shit.

    Again, right around the same age, I shot up some poor ladies house with a paintball gun, the little grease spots never came off the house till she died and it got repainted.

    This is just the tip if the ice berg folks.
  9. When I was younger me and a few friends smashed several mailboxes and paintballed houses and cars. We almost got caught but I lied to the cop and I was saved because my tail gate had fallen off the night before and the eyewitness said the person had a tailgate. That person was dumb.... everything else matched up. Same number of people in the car, same color, same type of car, camper shell, baseball bats, and the paintball guns. Either that cop was dumb as shit or he didn't really give a shit.

    I have always been a generally nice kid but there were a few kids I just treated like complete shit. In my highschool years though I wised up and realized that they are people and deserved atleast that much respect. I can't say I ever really hated anyone at my highschool and I don't think anyone could say I was an outright ass hole to them.\

    I have stolen a lot of pills from my grandparents.... It's not so much the stealing but it is the fact that I lie straight to their faces about my drug use. They think I am such a good kid and then I go raid their medicine cabinet. If they thought it was me and I were to tell them it wasn't me, they would believe me without thinking twice.

    I might put some more on here later.... I know it says the WORST but everyone else was listing multiple ones so I thought it would be cool.
  10. LMFAO
  11. When i was like 3 i tried to bathe my kitty and drownded him...

  12. I tihnk you feel bad that you didnt save any $$

    But ya...hmm..

    when I was young we'd all play football and shit in the street, and I didnt like this kid but hes like 4 years younger than me at the time I was probably 15. He was running for a touchdown on the street mind you and i just tripped him and he biffed hard. His brother came and asked why I did it. I answered some bullshit and that was it, I feel kind of bad.

    And then another time i stole a TV and carried it through a park with a friend and called my dad and had him pick me up w/ it and told him i bought it at a garage sale. Wtf...it was huge and like brand new..I ended up selling it to a friend cuz it was hot and i didnt want to get busted with it. His room mate left a candle burning on top of it one night and it blew up the TV and almost burnt his house down

    ^^I asked my buddy if he wanted the TV n he said no, so I called my dad, thats why I feel bad, he was an accomplice. So when I sold it, I felt so guilty about callin him that I kpet all the $$ for myself :cool: cuz shit..its not like i didnt offer to my friend I mean who could have taken the Tv, he didnt want it. So i sold n kept the cash

    Other than that..I try n give myself a break
  13. one of the things i feel the most guilty about was back in like the ninth grade. i really liked this girl, i never cared about someone more than i did her, not to this day. well, we were kinda together, but she kinda started actin like a bitch to me. i was good friends with her older sister, and i got fucked up one day and hooked up with her instead. me and the girl where still alright afterwards, but we werent as tight. i didnt even really wanna hook up with her sister, i was just xanied out, and couldnt stop myself. i barely remember it. i guess its really not that bad, i just feel bad for doin it to the girl, cause i know she used to really care about me too

  14. That's not fair. I do feel bad about what I did. Not because I didn't save any money, but I feel bad about what I did to him.
  15. ive never robbed anyone or inflicted pain on someone on purpose...

    but stuff i feel bad about:

    stealing a couple of bucks out of my moms purse, at the time i felt she wasnt helping me enough with bus fares to school and i had no extra money for snacks and shit for the ride home, so id nick a fiver every once in a while.

    i bodyslammed my brother one time when we were play fighting and i just sort of picked him up (he was maybe 7 and i was 10) and i just dropped his ass on the floor from a few feet and he had a massive bruise down his leg and wouldnt stop crying about it. i felt really bad after since i love my brother and wouldnt want to hurt him.

    the thing i did recently that i feel bad about actually never effected the person in any way... i thought id had a bunch of shit stolen, an entire case of shit in fact, and there was one suspect in my mind. i told a few people i thought it was him and was pretty sure at the time, it turns out i was just an idiot and misplaced the bag in a whole stupid mistake, but he never found out as far as i know, that i accused him, and i got my stuff back but still feel pretty shitty about the false accusation.

    ive stolen a milion things from stores like smoking paraphenallia when i was a kid. small pipes, lighters, just shit i could grab and put in my pocket. i dont feel bad about it at all, i felt like i was just taking from the rich and sharing with the poor (me and my friends)
  16. :eek: I was just joking I didnt mean for you to take that personally or offensively. --kind of a rough subject tho my bad
  17. ^^ good one lol thats absolutely horrible tho
  18. I keep trying to think of something to add, but i'm pretty sure I've repressed anything that would qualify.
  19. after a random one night stand, i slept in this girls bed and pooped. i was naked, woke up immeaditely afterwards and left the scene.
  20. This is the #1 feel good thread of the year :rolleyes:

    Everything I think about contributing just makes me feel like shit.

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