Worst Thing You did While High?

Discussion in 'General' started by DeviousByNature, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. 4th of july. Me and the homies climbed onto the roof of my buddies 2 story apartment building to get a better view of the fire works. Well everything was set up, we had the lawn chairs up, the snacks and stuff, everything but the beer. I was taking a huge rip off the bong when my buddy hollered up at me to catch some beer he was tossing up. Well I had my back to the edge of the roof and didn't realize I was so close to the edge, as I turned exhaling and stepped forward there was nothing under my foot but air. I hand planted 2 storied to the ground separated my hand from my wrist and crushed my skull. Yes crushed not broken.. I stood up blood coming out of my ears and nose mad that I had broken the bong and lost my watch. I started looking for my watch. I didn't even know I was so bad off even though I saw my hand, fingers pointing at my elbow layed flat across the to of my arm..
  2. what a nasty fucking fall man
  3. shit dude your a trooper falling 2 storys crushing your skull but over all being more mad about your bong
  4. yeah.. spent 2 month in the hospital after i found my watch..lol
  5. Shiettt. Well I guess the is the dumbest thing I did while I was high I got on my longboard bombed this hill that turns flat at the end and it goes like 40 feet and then theres another hill and I bombed that one too. I think I hit about 20-30 mph I was going so fast halfway down the second hill I wanted to jump off but common sense was telling me not too. It could have been pretty bad good thing I made it down.
  6. The worst thing I did while high was put a big dent in my friends freshly painted wall. He needed some lotion, so I threw it to him, and I'm not a good throw in the first place so, I missed terribly, and now he has a white patch on a forest green background from where the paint got taken off.
  7. thats a true stoner :smoke:

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