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Worst thing to happen while rolling.......

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by K4LImist, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Whats the worst thing to happen to you while rolling?

    Whatever the fucking cops spray at people, mace/pepper spray shit.

    Yea i got a good amount of that in my fucking face over the weekend, at first i thought it was vicks, then my face was on fire, couldn't open my eyes if my life depended on it because it burned so bad, was gagging because i coudlnt breathe because my throat and lungs were burning from inhaling it. It seriously fucking sucked, hours later when i was sweating i could feel the burning in my pores on my face.

    Not sure if anyone here went to 420 Fest over the weekend but it was an insane rave. One whole stage got fucking sprayed the fuck out with that mace shit. Ive never seen a whole crowd of people go quiet in a matter of seconds.
  2. Why the fuck were they spraying a rave?!
  3. God damn that would be terrible on E.
  4. people bomb rushed gate and it fell over

    this rave takes place in a city that sent cops down to stop people from under 18 from getting in because at a past rave a young cunt was abducted and shit

    so TONS of people werent getting in, i didnt have my fucking id so they woudlnt let me in, me and 4 of my friends had to pay secuirty 30 bucks to get us in, my other friend and his gf couldn't get in so they ended up bomb rushing the gate after a few hours of bullshit
  5. Dude, you really need to find better raves.

    Thats such bulllshit.
    I hate cops.
  6. Dude the lineup there couldn't be ignored. And nowhere did anything say no minors, that changed at the last minute when the city council apparently sent down the cops.

    I hate the venue it was at though. Ive known so many people arrested at it, which is bullshit because its the only venue that does that shit.

    Still all in all, it was a sick night though :p
  7. This reminds me of when I was at Planet Fest 09'. They had Shindown(which is from here), Puddle of Mudd, Rehab....ect. I wasn't rolling or anything but when Puddle of Mudd was playing it was dark outside and people were throwing Glow Sticks from the stage, and some asshole was opening them and spraying them on everyone. It got in my eye! Damn it burned! :mad:
  8. you gotta spill the lineup now.
    or do you have an eflier for it?
    i love seein' that shit from different states.

    was it a cali style massive or a smaller party?
  9. Me and my buddy were rolling on some molly just walking around the downtown. Some asshole out of no where jumped out of a car and pulled a knife on us.

    It was strange, my back went from relaxed to crazy painful in like 10 seconds. Fucking buzzkill.
  10. WHta the fuck man, why spray a rave. It's pretty much peace in human form
  11. Me and a few buddies dropped some molly in my dorm room and then there were another 5 people also in my room hitting bongs of some dank kush and blowing them out the window. My one buddy that dropped with us stands up to go to the washroom 45 mins to an hour after dropping it, right as it was hitting me like a freight train and just my luck, there were 2 cops walking by as he opened the door. They come in and I'd never been so scared in my life. Had a QP under my desk and when they told us to fork over all our bud and paraphenalia etc, everyone gave a personal sesh that was busted up. They take all our weed and bongs and grinders and then leave. They didn't search the room so it went from being the worst thing to happen while rolling to a grace from God.

    Had to go take a long walk once that was over...

  12. Cops are violence in human form.
  13. the worst thing to happen to me while rolling is when i was on 2 orange monkeys and i was peaking and i spilled a shitload of boiling coffee all over myself..... but being maced would be much worse i got maced in daytona just when high/drunk and it was totally shitty
  14. True true. lovin the 'old' user title
  15. Spraying raves, silly cops its uncool.

    Its like spraying them all sitting down at donutland.

  16. I think we need to revolt
  17. I think it took me 6 or 7 posts to realize you guys meant rolling on X, and not rolling a joint. :eek:
  18. Haha I just noticed that. "Wow man, these cops are chill as fuck! OMGWTF"
  19. why the fuck not? lol
  20. that was a very good way to describe how spraying feels.and yes its horrible terrible unhealthy and toxic.and can suffocate u so easily u wont have time to realise it.
    idk about u guys but we get it from israel.all the bullshit they spray on us.:rolleyes:

    and why spray at a rave..??raves are all about peace love unity..
    what fuckin

    u do know what the answer to spraying is ha??

    molotov them all!!

    jk jk

    or not...:devious:

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