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Worst thing that could happen...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jamalman, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Wow... this sucks so much. Today i get in the car to stop by my dads and he say's you know how most criminals get caught? insantly i was scared and knew what he was talking about. So yeah he says they tell someone and that person tells another person and it spirals out of control i was like.... WHAT THE FUCK!!! Then he says well this type of thing is stupid right? well you can call yourself stupid because i know that you smoke pot. I was so pissed i knew right away who it was my step-sister.... you see two weeks ago i introduced my step-sister to weed she loved it i was actually happy she liked it because now i would have someone to smoke with. Well she becomes obsessed with it and like a pot head over night. So monday she's burnt in school and somehow the guidance counsler finds. Anyway to make a long story short my step-sister still wants to smoke and makes that clear and even though i want to do it still sooo much i told m dad i wouldnt becuase i didnt want to dissapoint him (wich is 100% true i love my dad with all my heart) but i figure if he doesnt know it cant hurt him right? But he's going to do drug test's (i'm not sure if they'll be random or not) but im pretty sure there going to be every three weeks. He's also going to pat me down for the bud every day i see him. So anyway is there anything i can do so i can smoke and not get caught? I dont want to wait 3 years till im 21 (He said when im 21 i can make my own decisoins with pot)
    I think i might just stay clean untill he trusts me enough to stop tesing me.
  2. from your post, you sound like your not 18. But either way, if you are 18, tell your dad that you are an adult and that he should respect your decisions about how you want to run your life.

    and about your step-sister. what a bitch

  3. I dont know but i think the best thing for you to do is just tell your dad your 18 and marijuana is not a serious health hazard and use the obama smoked weed defense lol.

  4. ... He said 3 years until hes 21. 21 - 3 = 18.

    Besides, that, I think just say you are an adult. You can do whatever you want. If he doesn't want to accept that, then I say you should either get a mini-fridge and stock it with pee. XD

    Really, just stay clean until he lets you do your own thing.
  5. You sound much too immature to be 18. Seriously - that's middle school drama. If my mom told me to stop smoking, I'd tell her to suck a dick. If you're over 18, it's your decision to make, not his, so stop letting him make it for you.
  6. Sometimes the best move is to just play along for a little while. Eventualy he'll get tired of searching and searching and never finding anything. When he trusts you more you can start again, whenever that may be.

  7. I realize he said he was 18, but to me it came off as if he was under 18, but im really to baked to care right now.

    and also for saying obama smoked weed, you can do better than that. Because actually every presidential CANDIDATE has admitted to smoking bud.

    but if your trying to change his mind, just do some research and show him how its not as bad as he thinks. Search the movie The Union: The business behind getting high. Its the single most influential documentary. ever.
  8. lol thats fuckin awesome:hello:

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