Worst thing someone ever said to you?

Discussion in 'General' started by camram, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Mine is "Do you think anyone likes you?"
  2. "I think we should break up"
  3. That was funny man but I was being serious.
  4. My bad man, I thought you were joking when I got to the arrested part.
  5. Anybody got one of those, "Not sure if serious..." pics? ha ha ha
  6. At least you get that. My record with girls has been acting awkward until I say what's wrong.
  7. [quote name='"camram"']

    That was funny man but I was being serious.[/quote]

    Dear god I fucking lol'd.
  8. Me too ha ha ha
  9. "we're out of weed"
  10. "The feeling's not mutual."
  11. "When you are rich you will get a girl."

    Thats like saying without tons of money I'm not good enough fuck that.
  12. "Do you have a condom?"
  13. "Your the pussiest kid ive known since 8th grade"

    I had just told him hes a waste of Oxygen and Resources.. so i took it. I wont go into detail but i shit on him in that conversation. lol
  14. We just had one of these about a week ago, Search function people
  15. "i didnt get my period last month"

    everything turned out good tho! but let me tell you that is the worst and scariest shit ever
  16. "your gonna grow up to be a robber" -1st grade teacher
  17. Yeah man that one is low. My parents use that one, too.
  18. "I fucking hate that kid."

    -My Mom.
  19. Lol beginning of this thread is pretty damn funny

    But for real,

    Whoever told you this is fucking as wise as they come
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  20. iunno i have a lot from before i was a teenager

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