Worst thing just happened

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  1. I went on vacation with my family and brought an eighth with me to blaze wit ma sis and cousin
    We get down here and i blaze up a bowl in the bathrrooom of some cali shizzz
    Im baked and walk out and my lil cuz (totally antipot) says at the top of his lungs
    R u high?!?!?!?
    I say no and the little fucker went and told my dad
    My dad ripped apart my stuff and found my grinder bowl and stash
    He flushed the goodies and threw the bowl off the balcony
    Now im here for a week with no bud and a bunch of ppl who think ima stoner :(
    Its all good tho cuz i blew up my moms spot cuz she burns too but now its like family feud
    Im so pissed :(
  2. Cool story bro.
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    lol, i got high on vacation, my aunt says, to my mom, he looks high and my moms says, he probably is the little fucker, always finds a way to smoke lol

    they dont care :bongin:

    also, next time, lern2stealth.

    ive literally smoked on 20+ vacations with my ENTIRE family for years, NEVER been seen taking one hit or my shit found.

    bathrooms= NO! outside bro, you go for a walk or go outside when everyones sleeping, or go outside when everyone is watching a movie and hide toke up and hide your shit lol.

    also next time, have a better hiding spot, find somewhere totally retarded and in all different spots.
  4. Maybe getting blown around family is a bad idea bro.
  5. I got high once...
  6. Teach that little rat fucking bastard a lesson. Personally I would set his hair on fire while he sleeps but if that is too intense for you just draw a mustache on him with permanent marker or something lol.
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    Its actually quite funny
    My dad is always drunk on vacation and goin to the beach high is like heaven on earth
  8. I would be so pissed. lol I feel for you op. My cousins are shitty too. lol
  9. I still have my grinder wit mad kief so its not a total loss
  10. Then go smoke the kief in the bathroom bro!!!11
  11. Your on vacation and can't go outside to smoke a bowl?

    I went down to muskeegon heights and I had to walk two hundred feet to find a park full of ghetto stoners, it was a park full of people smoking herb, nothing else :hello:
  12. get a bowl of warm water n put his hand in it when hes sleeping...hell piss the bed
  13. yeah man its been said on this thread but you should take up smoking outdoors or in your car. One of my favorite things is getting a good hotbox going in my car.

    But then again my mom doesn't care that I smoke.
  14. i would bounce and go find some bud, where are you on vacation?
  15. You have to kill the kid O.P.... its the only way to regain your familys trust and your dignity :smoke:
  16. also if your mom blazed, why didnt you just ask her where you should smoke?!?!?
  17. You are an idiot! You cant really be surprised you got caught.
  18. Op you should have went outside to smoke. Your cousin is snitch though, you should put his fingers in cold water while he sleeps so he can wet the bed.
  19. Wow you sound like my little brother, he gets in trouble for something then tells on me that I do it too, not cool. Outdoors works wonders when toking btw.

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