Worst slam dunk contest EVER

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by bdots1979, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. this really sucks can't believe i waited all nite for this...wow nobody watch this
  2. yeah its horrible, judges are so biased.

    they also keep saying he dunked on a 12 ft rim, that wasnt more than 12 inches higher than the regulation rim, if that.
  3. shiiiieeetttttt them last 2 were tight as fuck to me and the lil dude jumping off the other guys back lol
  4. yeah i posted right before those, they were def sweet.
  5. nate robinson lil ass just killed it with that dunk over howard
  6. Nate better win this
  7. haha somebody spoke to soon. :laughing:

    nate/howard showdown was probably the best single round ever.

    the phone booth? that was the shit.

    reggie miller on the other hand....gtfo
  8. i changed my mind...KRYPTONITE!!! im pumped nate robinson won...i thought it was just gonna be a bunch of dwight howard dick ridin
  9. that shit don't come on for the next hour for me jawn.
  10. I thought the contest was decent.

    Not sure if I will watch next year if it is on TNT, Reggie Miller should NOT be a commentator. I literally got a headache listening to the inanities coming out his mouth.
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    FUCK i thought it was tomorrow, is there a place where I can watch the full thing? And yeeeah I just checked and saw that nate robinson won, I called that shit like a week ago. I just saw one of nates dunks, and is turk from scrubs one of the judges? hahahahaha

    edit: just saw a few of the dunks, I think dwight's final dunk was the best, and like the announcer said, if dwight didn't let nate dunk over him he would've definately won.
  12. I knew nate was gonna win.. he's so intense in everything he does.. I remember him playing in college

    he's 5'9 and he jumped over a 7 footer

    it was almost like the dunk that vince carter had in the olympics.. accept this was a dunk contest and not an actual game LOL

    vince carter dunk king for life.. sorry guys
  13. queen james next year
  14. hahahaha hes gonna get shit on n he knowws it that y he never done it
  15. Hopefully I can witness next years dunk contest.

    Going to be in the new CXowboys stadium!
  16. agreed. howard def couldda dunked higher than 12 feet and the other dunks were garbage. looking forward to leBron next year tho!
  17. I haven't been able to watch the dunk competition for the last few years now. It just seems way to gimmicky now. Putting on capes, and dressing up in all green. This shit is stupid. I wish we could go back to the days when Spudd Wedd was throwing down reverse windmills, or Carter doing 360 windmills. Those were dunks, not this gimmicky bullshit Dwight and Nate are pulling off nowadays. Don't get me wrong, these guys have talent, but their not using their full potential on these dunks and instead are using stupid shit to get the crowd pumped up.
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    next year its going back to L.A for 2011 sorry bout that for me to break that to ya.

    Yeah it was joke slam dunk contests should have all-stars like baseball have all-stars for the home run derby. I'm tired of seeing scrubs participate in this event. BTW nate robinson pisses me off ever since he missed dunk after dunk that one year still one when Andre Igoudala should of won it. Everyone likes him because hes a small guy who can dunk anyways.
  19. ya stern has got to do something to get stars in the game next season, or the dunk contest will mean absolutely nothing soon. even if theres only 4 guys, next year i think it would be fair to see-

    Dwight Howard
    Josh Smith
    Nate Robinson

    i think thats realistic. kobe wouldnt do it, and i doubt vinsanity would either.
  20. check the date man that was from last years

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