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Worst side effect you've ever had

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TranStarLexington, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. The worst I've ever had is where I smoked about 4 grams and not only was I speaking slowly but I was unable to move my mouth, and if I did it would just drop open and would hang open until you closed it manually


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  2. idk what u smoking but i never had any bad effect because of maryjane :toke:
  3. After I smoke a lot I get the shits

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  4. The only thing I can think of that comes anywhere close to being a side effect is being half-baked the next day, or getting the munchies, or the cottons, or the spins.

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  5. Only bad effect I have had is not being able to get to sleep if I am on vacation somewhere and can't smoke. Other than that, smoking itself has never given me a bad experience.
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  6. Once I smoked a hash joint and the worst effect was almost passing out and being extremely dizzy/nauseous.
  7. uhhhhh.... worst side effect of smoking? maybe seeing Paul Blart Mall Cop in theaters... or stumbling into Smurfs in 3D and blowing so much cash on concessions. this was when I was a teenager though so i had to learn my lesson one way!!!!!!!
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  9. If I go to sleep high I will get a panic attack in the middle of the night but that's as bad as it gets for me
  10. Once when I first started, I got some "primo", as we call it in my province...

    I remember phoning my girlfriend, trying to have a normal conversation with her about her day n shit, and I was pacing back and forth... Shortness of breath and felt like my chest was extremely tight. Probably an anxiety attack?

    Anyway, for the next couple days after, I layed off the weed. My mind felt "off" at work, and I would get random chest pains, have trouble breathing, not able to take a full breath without pain... Etc.

    Only happened that one time I smoked, and the subsequent few sober days after...

    Either that or my ability to stop at a green light, thinking the red one up ahead is the one I'm at......
  11. my "side effects" turned out to be induced from stress, but at first I thought it was from smoking:

    had a huge bump on my head, thought it was a brain anneurism, just allergies, paranoia and hypochonria
  12. I used to get these hives your are describing. Staying on an antihistamine will prevent it. You can also chew up a benadryl for instant relieve. Gross, but it works.
  13. One time I smoked so much weed that I spent all my money on pizza.
  14. My friend and I ate a potent hash brownie at a festival and were stoned for nearly 2 days. On the night that we ate it, we turned a pale whitish/greenish color and the effect of the cannabis was just too much. I couldn't understand the words coming out of anyone's mouth and I also saw trails behind moving objects. It really tripped me out when my friend kept waving his hand around in my face. It was kinda fun to try just once, but it is really tiring being that high for that long.
  15. I have never liked joints or pipes as the smoke from them kills my lungs. But one weekend the wife and I went to this out of the way B&B. To be able to smoke we took a couple of joints.

    So we went for a walk and she took a few hits and I basically finished it. It didn't seem like that much, but it was because later than night, my thing wouldn't work. I think my tongue is still sore from that night. LOL

    So now I only roll pinners so I don't get too much.

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