Worst shit you ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by spliffhitter77, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. We always talk about the best shit of course...I still am curious as to the worst shit you ever smoked and why? Lol
    Mine was some REAL diesel Mexican. This trash smelled just like diesel. With no high to speak of. Way harsh. And regret smoking what ever that shit was.. We were jus kids then.

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  2. Never smoked bad shit per say. Just some shit that wasn't the best.

    This one time however a buddy smoked me up with some bud he wrapped in dryer sheets to hide the smell while driving.

    Needless to say it tasted like chemical shit.

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  3. I was working community service and I found a backpack on the side of the road with a mason jar full of shitty weed. It wasn't complete schwag but I would never pay for shit like that. Rolled spliffs for days/more tobacco than herb in em because of how unhealthy the buds looked

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  4. On vacation in mexico my dad picked up some "bud" and was all proud of himself. I've never seen anything like it, it was brown and mostly seeds (no lie).
    Of course I smoked it, it's all I had. I don't know if I got high but I got something...
  5. When we first started my friend got sold an oz of shake that I now know was probably already used to make wax. It was wet and smelled like diesel. Was really hard to burn and tasted unhealthy I gave up after a bowl
  6. regs when i was younger? can't really remember anything that sticks out. never got sold something that didnt get me some sort of high
  7. I tried to smoke a bread stick when I was younger.
  8. I remember when I was just starting to get into smoming , and it was the beginning stage were I was still getting super high(low tolerance). But anyway my boy said he had some "white widow", so we grabbed a coke can n smoked threw that. The coke can thing by the way will not happen again, but after 3 or 4 bowls I felt nuttin. Was the poorest weed I every smoked, but my boy was with us and had some fire mids which was getting me high AF in the first place said fire this up I was blasted off like 5hits. His "white widow"was the worst.
  9. I have two different sets of friends; the ones I spend most my time with, smoking medical grade weed with, and then the ones from highschool, who I still love, but they don't know shit about weed. One of my friends from school swears to god that she prefers reg to anything else. She always has it preground and never in a container to keep any moisture in, so it's always dry brown with a bit of green. On top of that, her and our other friend like to empty out cigarettes and smoke it out of them without even taking out the filter. It's not even worth smoking.

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  10. I've smoked a strsw, grass, and other random plants found outside. Pure boredom.

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  11. Bought a quarter off of my guy that always got me the fire. Ended up being some really shit that didn't smell like much. No seeds, but plenty of stems. Course I smoked it.

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  12. I stayed in some rural town a couple months ago so I didn't have any connections there. The first guy I asked took me to a grower's house. He's some dodgy farmer who does outdoor growing. That shit smoked so rough that I think I have cancer everywhere now lol. Took me 10 bong hits to get high.
  13. There used to be a strain in the 80's called paraquat. It was sprayed with some kind of bug repellant and it tasted like shit. I hated smokin that crap.
  14. I smoked some really shitty homegrown Reggie. The texture of it was not right, taste was okay I guess. But the high only lasted maybe 10 mins after smoking a blunt between 3 people...

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  15. Lol. That reminds me of some dumbass kid who used to buy shitty mexican brick weed and spray paint it purple, then sell it to middle school kids saying it was purple haze.
  16. back in the day, this weirdo kid that used to hang on the block said he had some "bomb ass regs".

    Now my best friend and I use it as a sort of inside joke and have for years.

    friend: "yo man, is that bag from the shop?"
    me:"nah, bro. Its just some bomb ass regs". :laughing:
  17. i have actually smoked Tijuana stress before. seeds and all..... :cry:
  18. First and last time buying from this guy. Got the corner of a brick. Like it was still a solid corner. Paid 40 for a half. It was a bunch of tiny dark bugs that all felt wet. Rolled it and it wouldn't burn. Smoked half of it and barely got a buzz
  19. What the fuck are you smoking?? xD
  20. shit meant nugs not bugs. I ended up selling it for 50

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