worst place you masturbated?

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  1. yeah title speaks for itself, i jerked off in my mom's room and came on her pillow once when i was REALLY pissed.
    another time in a hotel and i came on the wall, to leave my mark ;)

  2. You sure showed her.
  3. Very back of a van on a road trip. Like the way back, between the back window and the back seat. Everyone was asleep except the girl driving, and I just pretended to be sleeping.

  4. Stay_classy, if you really wanted to be staying classy you shouldnt post in the where you masterbated. who knows, maybe i'm wrong but i laughed, out loud of course
  5. this thread is automatically sketchy as fuck

  6. Well, Yoda, if you want to represent truthfully the values of the wise Master Yoda, maybe you shouldn't stoop to the level of laughing at vengeful ejaculatory adventures. :)

  7. I rofl'd. But I'll contribute.

    I once jacked it on an airplane in my seat, I had blanket over my crotch and it was an overnight flight. After about a half hour of INTENSE RUBBING I finally peaked and joined the mile high club (sorta).

    I was young and reckless!!
  8. Outhouse.

    And before you judge, know that the situation and environment warranted it. Several times. I certainly wasn't the only one.

    Sucks when you're in an environment that an outhouse would be the only sanctuary, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...:cool:
  9. haahahahahahahah
  10. sitting in class...
    on a balcony...

    yeah shit happens
  11. 14,brothers truck,grocery store parking lot, waiting for him to finish his application.
  12. my girlfriends vagina, long story short, we needed the plan b pill.
  13. :confused:what makes you guys do this in random places
  14. Lmfao, i did it at Mcdonalds before xD
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    On a bed.Top bunk.Sleep away camp. Every night.For two weeks.

    And to whoever was on the bottom bunk....im sorry man, youre a trooper. I know how badly those beds creaked...:wave:

    Jesus man, have some decency.
  16. y'all are a bunch of filthy little monkeys! what ever happened to waiting till you get home..or to a semi private place? your dick is not a novelty flashlight..ya cant just pull it out and see how it works where and whenever ya want. You guys are great...i havent laughed this hard in at least a day lol
  17. Yup, this thread is fucking hilarious. I've thought about this so many times. What's the worst place I've jacked it? There are a few that I can remember. But most are similar to post before me. So the worst...

    I was about 15, at my friends house, it was just me and his mom (she HOT AS HELL) and she went to take a shower. Yes everyone knows what I was thinking. So yea, I needed to take a load off. I found a nice picture of her in the living room, and went to town. Oh those days were niceeeee:wave:
  18. jerked it a couple times at work, good times
  19. tiny highway rest stop, middle of a lake, back of a van on roadtrip there are probably worse ones than those I just cant think of them right now.
  20. What constitutes as the 'worst' place?

    As in, most risky place?

    Or as in most inappropriate place?

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