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Worst night ever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gamesterrr, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I was smoking a couple nights ago and i had just finished smoking a big j and was about to start smokin out of my bowl. My room is in our basement and I had my window open to help with the smell and decided to burn some incense to cover it up. I'm cutting up a water bottle to make an incense holder and the knife slips and the skin in between index finger and thumb down to the muscle. After dealing with that mess i go back to my room and start tokin up. A little later i hear someone run through my backyard. I look outside to see if i can see where they go but no they are long gone. About 20 mins later i hear voices and i look out my back window and see people walking around in the woods behind my house with flash lights. They are walking around and then they cross the creek into my backyard, shining their flashlights all over the place. I'm watching them this whole time thinking they were burglars or something. They keep getting closer and are now walking in my backyard. Then I hear a radio crackle and one of them says "oh, shit". He shines his flashlight towards the ground and that is when i see the outline of a dog. Then they start heading straight towards my room. So i grab all my bud (which luckily was all right in front of me) and run to my bathroom to flush it. just as i clear the door they begin to shine their flashlights into my room and start talkin to the dog asking if it smelled anything. After flushing my bud and hiding my pipe and grinder, i hide in the hallway next to my room and wait for them to leave. I gather up the rest of my paraphernalia and head back to the bathroom to flush whats left. As I'm heading back i the the cops shining lights in the rest of my basement windows and all the ones in my house. I spent the rest of the night hoping they wouldn't come back. Luckily, they didn't.

  2. I don't think they can legally do that, but don't quote me on that one. That sucks ass, dude.
  3. I'm not sure either. They never came back so either they knew it was illegal or they didn't care. either way good for me = )
  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA is it seriously that bad in America??? Thats sooo bad.
  5. fuck the cops.
  6. If your weed doesnt stink too strong, you can just put it in a cabinet. Cops in most places arent allowed to open it unless they know exactly where the smell is coming from.

    That sucks ass tho.

    We got raided once at my friends house, but I was high and paranoid (b4 cops came) and thought someone would take my weed, so I hid it in a drawer under the TV. There was a bong and 3 pieces and they took them all, but all they did was pat us down and write up MIP's for alcohol cuz they couldnt look for the weed (or didnt want to)

    Fuck The Law - Outkast, Idlewild
  7. the crazy thing is I'm pretty sure it was all coincidence cause i found out later that there were like 6 cop cars parked in my neighborhood that night and they were raiding a house or something. they might have been looking for people who got away.
  8. ooh, that makes a lil' more sense. Just sucks to hear someone loose all that weed :)
  9. luckily it wasn't much. .5g or so, it was worth the loss not to get busted tho. If i had been in the room they probly would have tried to come in.
  10. really sucks to hear that, no matter why they were there. god damn i cant wait to get to canada.
  11. I would never flush my weed down the toilet. I would put it in a crawlspace that no one in my family knows about except me. No one would ever look there.
  12. Dont quote me on this either, but even if the dog DOES smell something, I'm pretty sure they cant enter your house unless they have a warrant or you let them in. So, dont let them in and your all good! :)
  13. mmm yeah except a dog going crazy is probable cause for a search i think
  14. Probable cause, but they still would have to get a warrant I think.
  15. if was in your situations, I would have yelled for them to leave...or hey wtf are you doing, get off my property..............
    Im pretty sure you can yell at who ever tresspasses, just be firm with them

    The cops require NOTHING LESS than to witness a crime taking place (watching you take a rip off the bong for example), a warrant, or AN INVITATION to enter your home...
  17. Cops need to mind their own god damn business and stay off your property.
  18. Am I going to be the first to call bullshit on this?

    This story doesn't make sense at all. If they were issuing a search warrant, they would have contacted and talked to you while doing so, not just walk around, search one room, and leave. And like they would bust through the woods like fucking storm troopers or some shit. You must think we're stupid.

  19. ya....
    It didnt translate threw text very well.
  20. Hmmm yeah I think that probable cause thing is just to search your person, but yeah. We need like a lawyer here or something haha.

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