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Worst Movie of all time!!

Discussion in 'General' started by XCLuSiVeSTiLo, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Make your vote for the worst movie of all time

    Ill go first

    The village is def the worst movie i have ever seen in my life
  2. anything with the name "Ernest" in the title

  3. aww no ernest goes to africa??

    EDIT: I started to watch the village, I stopped it pretty soon though. I thought the acting sucked. The remake
    of ammityville horror was pretty bad(with val kilmer:rolleyes:) maybe not the worst though
  4. i loved the village!

    but i agree, ernest made me want to puke as a youngster
  5. [​IMG]the only emotion i showed through the whole thing is when that fucking colonel sanders looking guy got hit by the car, i was lmao and i was blazed. Im gonna watch a good movie 40 Year-Old Virgin because im blazed now.:smoking:
  6. pretty woman sucked pretty hard. (pun intended?) I'd bang julia roberts in that movie though, regardless.
  7. Easily Napoleon Dynamite
  8. Whoa, i just lost all my respect for you, ipack.

    Ernest is my hero. No joke. I own a bunch of ernest movies. I even watched that short-lived TV show he had.


  9. LOL, sorry man.... something about his manner/voice GRATES on my last nerve :D
  10. Be Cool sucked balls also

    Hahah i am watching Kung Fu Hustle its funny as shit i am blazed.. gotta go to work peace
  11. movie called "dirty" RETARDED!
  12. stuck on you
  13. Ok I got to say the worst movie i have seen was Jason X where he was in space!
  14. Haha i was just reading on wiki that there is a Jim Varney (Ernest) bio-pic coming out sometime soon, starring Stewart French :D '

    Can't wait!
  15. Oh yeah and this movie
  16. Well this is a rediculous question. Are we talking about the most dissapointing movie or straight up worst movie.

    Most dissapointing:

    Any Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movie without Tom, Crow and Mike.
  17. Anything with Pee Wee herman minus cheech and Chong.

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