Worst Luck....

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  1. Hey blades well I have some disappointing news my bong broke today if you guys haven't seen it its on my other thread I started but it was 3 ft dope brand bong with 2 percs the weird part is I had a weird dream 3 days ago that it would break.! I will post a picture of the two things I have.
  2. Just ask her out.
  3. What....
  4. Don't be afraid. Just ask her out on a date. :)

  5. WHAT.

    On another note, that sucks man. R.I.P. to your piece.
  6. Damn man that sucks. Take it as a lesson learned and be extra careful in the future.....even though that can be tough when totally stoned :)
  7. All that's left...

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  8. What happened to it
  9. You guys... Need to catch up on the online forum joke-mode of iMPREPREX.

    Sorry OP. Was just trying to make you guys laugh (the ones who got the joke). :eek:

    It works in other threads sometimes.

    Carry on. Sorry. :)
  10. The table I had it on was alittle wobbly and my chair hit the table and it tipped and ya.

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