worst feeling in the wolrd

Discussion in 'General' started by OneLoveRasta, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. losing weed...
    today i splurged and bought an 8th of some BOMB chronic (im a poor highschool student, rarely have more than 10 bucks at a time)
    i take it to the park at lunch and blaze, go back to school and realize that the 8th isnt in my pocket

    ive been looking for hours and cant find it
    im going fucking camping this weekend and now i cant fucking smoke
    god dammit
  2. that sucks.
    no other words.
  3. Fixed!

    well, that sucks. me and a friend had that happen one time. We smoked half of the bag (20 sac) and walked down to this pizza place and on the way back my friend realized his weed wasn't in his sock. We looked all around and backtracked bu it was so dark...

    and we never found,. I wonder if anyone walking by one day found it and was like "jackpot!" (no pun intended). Just thinking about good weed sitting, rotting in the middle of the road...makes me want to die.
  4. Losing weed is the worst feeling in the world? I can think about 100 more serious ones than that right off the top of my head... Hey, my friend just got nailed by an STD but I am sure he would be more bummed if he lost a dub sack.
  5. Right before leaving to get my last pickup, I sliced open my hand on the back of a computer. It really sucked, hurt, and was bleeding all over the place, but I just thought "meh whatever, at least I'll have a big stinky sack soon!"

    That sucks man!
  6. That does suck, sorry to hear that bro.
  7. thats a bad feeling

    but i thought you were going to say 'cop lights in the rearview mirror'
  8. thats what i was thinking..

    first thing that popped in my head is pregnant.

    but losing bud sucks too
  9. hah, admitting to being underage on accident.
    i love it
  10. Loosing a sack is always a heartache.... But loosing a perfectly already rolled 1/8th blunt somehow from walking from the dorm and jumping a fence and sitting on the ground not 100 ft away from the building, the blunt had vanished.... But we had 2 other same size blunts with us but we never found that damn blunt....

    I've lost another sack while at my dorm... I looked for that sack for at least a damn hour and finally gave up.. Went and smoked a cig heart broke and saddened but it was only getting worse cuz we had no more weed! My friend saw a glimmer in the grass behind us and... Well, the lord had shined a light on me that night because somehow my sack was there! No damn idea how it got 2 feet away from the enterance to the building... :D :smoking:

    Sorry tho... keep lookin??
  11. what i got from your story, is to STOP looking.;)

  12. sounds like your priorities are a lil outta line

    i scavenged for 2 weeks to get that bag

    2 WEEKS

  13. since when is saying that you're a high school student admitting to being underage? i was 18 my whole senior year (i just started school a little late) and i knew plenty of people who were even older than me. turning 18 and graduating high school are not synonymous.

    ...unless i missed some other way he 'admitted to being underage'

    one time there was some awesome weed that came through my college, and 3 of my friends and i each picked up an 8th each, and 2 of them lost theirs!!! after only smoking a bowl or so each. we decided that the batch was cursed. it blew.
  14. I rather lose an 1/8 then get my wisdom teeth took out today, I was in so much pain after and still am. I got them out this morning:mad: Free vics though
  15. i lost a sac in the woods one time, i went back to look for it but it was nowhere to be found, and its not like anyone goes through those woods, maybe i just looked in the wrong spots, cuz i did come into the woods from somewhere i dont usually come from and picked a random log to sit on, but i coulda sworn i was lookin in the right spot
  16. ive never lost weed, but i once lost 2 grams of coke to an evil fan. i only did one line before it all disapeared into the air

  17. :eek:

    I think I would cry.

    I opened a baggie of coke inside out once in my car and it all poured out onto my purse.

    ...which I then licked furiously.

    Yeah, I did it. :p
  18. Sorry to hear... Get a job yah bum!

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