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Worst drug experience?

Discussion in 'General' started by Unclescam777, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. I'm curious, what is the single most worst experience you've ever encountered with a drug? I'll tell you mine but before you insult please realize this was in high school and I was very naive with drugs, to the point where I believed whatever my friends told me. Since this experience I now research every drug for hours before I even consider trying it...

    I was a senior in high school and the big thing at the time was triple C's, commonly known as Cordicin Cold & Cough. I now know that they are the worst form of DXM to take, mainly because of it's other active ingredient which can prove fatal, or at least damaging. However, at the time I listened to my friends and all these crazy experiences they had with them, so one night I decided to buy a pack of 16.

    I was alone and a little scared so I only took 8 of them instead of 16 like my friend reccommended. It was 9PM. By 10 I had felt no different so I decided to take the other 8, and by 10:45 I was disappointed and feeling no effects so I decided to go to sleep.

    I woke up at 1am and floated to the bathroom. I knew I was floating but couldn't remember why, but I felt pretty good. There was no nausea...but as I locked the door to the bathroom all of a sudden I started dry heaving(throwing up with nothing coming up). They were hard and fast and I couldn't breathe. After what seemed like forever I walked out of the bathroom and out of my house(dry heaving the entire time) and started doing it in the back yard. My parents happened to be up and started laughing at me because of how hard and loud I was dry heaving. They thought I just had an upset stomach and overexaggerating, they didn't know I was high as fuck and probably ODing.

    Eventually after waking up the neighbors with my extremely loud dry heaves I went back into the bathroom and continued on. There was no breaks, it was one right after another. Finally they stopped and I layed on the bathroom floor crying, my stomach and chest burned and I didn't know what just happened. After a little bit I walked back into my room and looked at the clock, it was 4:15am

    Ever since that day I can't even look at triple C's, just seeing the box in a store makes me gag. I also never talked to my friend again even though it was probably my fault for being so naive. Next time you have the flu or an upset stomach think about how much it sucks to dry heave, even for 5 minutes. Then imagine doing that for 3 hours straight and you'll know what I felt.

    Sorry if this post has some bad grammar or spelling, I've had a few beers.
  2. one time i huffed gasoline and some bad stuff happened
  3. it would probly be when i almost got busted by a cop, or the day after i rolled (took X) i felt pretty shitty the next day.
  4. welp on oct. 9 last year me and 2 other friends decided to eat 16 coricidins with a bottle of robitussin we split between the 3 of us, and after about a half hour me and one of my other friends ate 12 benadryls hoping to hallucinate like crazy, well i blacked out and cant really remember anythin so thats not the bad part, the bad part comes next

    that same day when i was all fucked up my gf called (who at the time i thought i loved but later found out she's a slut) and i handed the phone to my one friend who talked to her for 3 seconds then hungup on her, but i never called back....
    so after i got out of the hospital she called me up sayin how much i'd changed since i started droppin all these pills and dumped me.... so even though i said "i'm never taking pills again" i decided to stop eating coricidin and was only eating benadryl, so i was eatin them everyday for like a week until i started gettin seizures off of em, so then i thought to myself "maybe the benadryl is wat put me in the hospital, i'll jus stay wit the ccc's" so i was poppin them again, then on oct. 29 i ate 32 coricidins and i told a couple of my friends about it and they were all like "omg go make yourself puke your gonna die if you dont" so i went outside and started gaggin myself but with no luck, so i went back in my house to see how it would turn out.... well i was pretty damn fucked up sitting at my computer jus talkin to people, and my dad came home and said to me "are you on dope again?" and i jus denied it, then like 15 minutes later shit started gettin really scary and when i'd look to my left everythin had this speedy scary feel to it plus my heart would beat extremely fast and when i'd look to my right everythin would go into slow motion like my heart was going to slow down to a stop... i couldnt even listen to music cuz of how hectic and fast it sounded (for any of you who've popped coricidins or lots of dxm you know how music speeds up) so i eventually decided to tell my dad he needed to take me to the hospital.

    well i got to the hospital and i felt alright jus cuz i felt comfortable that nothing could go wrong since i was at a hospital, and instead of the normal 8 hour wait i got to get right in, and they like made me put on a gown and shit which was ridiculously hard, then i got a catheter and shit and about 2 days later they sent me to a friggin psychiatric institution called western psych where i was forced to sit around with people who were depressed, had anger problems, were suicidal, or jus flat out fucked up in the head (one chic talked to a sock when she felt down) and it had nothing to do with drugs watsoever, the only reason i signed the paper that allowed them to put me there is cuz i thought it was a drug rehab, they lied to me big time, but i got out after a week..

    and theres my difficult experience today, i've been hospitalized twice since then off dxm (against my will) and sent to rehab... whoopedy friggin doo!! haha
  5. I was supposed to trip with my friends the other night, but ended up being the only one eating mushrooms (my friend told me he ate his, but really didn't for whatever reason). So everyone fell asleep, except me. I stayed up tripping my face off by myself and had an awful trip. It probably wasn't my worst experience with drugs, but it definately wasn't my best either.
  6. My worst experience with a drug?
    I had been at work all day, and
    looking forward to coming home and
    smoking a bowl or two. I knew I had
    about a gram left, so I figured to get
    fucked up.

    I get home, and my brother had
    raided my stash. Gone! WTF!!!

    Man I was pissed. I knew exactly
    where he would be, so I hiked my
    ass up the road and said, "Give me
    my stash back."

    He said, "Oh, me and Chris smoked
    it all."

    I yelled at him, "Don't you ever go in
    my stash again without my
    permission.", and walked off.

    I was Hot. So I had to hike my ass
    all the way back home while knowing
    I couldn't get high that day.

    God it sucked
  7. i did crystal meth once. that was the worst drug related experience in my life. i hate speed. nothing about it is enjoyable for me. ..except the part where i didn't sleep all night, so i went to my girlfriends place and we had sex ALL night long. but the next day, man.. the comedown SUCKS. my joints and muscles ached like crazy. and i'm pretty sure my teeth have never been the same since after all that grinding.

  8. I was sent to a psych ward as well, against my will...
    My college tricked me into going...
    They knew I had severe insomnia problems, so they waited til I had been up for several days straight (3 or 4), and then sent the head of security to my dorm, who told me I was gonna speak to an advisor who'd help me out with that...

    Totally what it wasn't...

    My college thought I was crazy, simply cause I didn't look like the guys on the tv commercials...
    I signed the papers in a sleep deprived state, drunk from unsegmented conciousness...

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