Worst Decision of your life?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Michael, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. What was it?
  2. Smoking weed. I love weed but i spend all my money on it and it fucks with my thoughts. Not to mention makes it harder to get a job.

    IF only i had some self control lol.
  3. Becoming a Christian
  4. Moving, not this last time, but the time before that.
  5. Getting involved with an exb/f. His father abused the whole family. I saw the writing on the wall so to speak and before we even dated asked him if he was sure that he wouldn't hurt me. Well, it took almost getting drowned to make me realize my life wasn't worth ANY man. 2.5 yrs wasted on that asshole.
  6. it isnt crack dude wtff, just quit smoking now please.
  7. lmao :hello:
  8. weed isnt a bad decision, spending all your money on it is
  9. Going to church in jr high. After the service they did an "altar call" which is basically "lets see how many stupid fucks we can convert tonight" so while everyone around me is speaking in tongues and crying, I'm freaking the fuck out cause I don't know what's happening, they say its the Holy Spirit, so now I think I'm all divine and shit so I went up to the altar and boom I was like saved or something. I didn't sign up for that shit!
  10. Start growing.

    Oh and my worst decision would have to be this one time when I found an Iphone 4S about a year ago in a library on a seat and instead of keeping it I gave it to the person working there. Regret to this day but at the same time it makes me feel a little better about myself.
  11. keeping my pipe and lighter under my pillow while I went out
  12. having no respect for speed, resulting in my friend crashing his dad's car with 4 of us in it
  13. Taking the fall for a friend who already pointed the finger at me.
  14. [quote name='"JackxFrost"']Becoming a Christian[/quote]

    That was the best decision in mine.

    Worse? Don't know. May have to think about that
  15. Dating a victim of abuse.
  16. Not buying a PAX sooner.

  17. Religious affiliation varies with people. Just because it's a good decision for you doesn't mean it was a good decision for someone else
  18. Telling her that I cared.
  19. That swag isn't working for you, is it? Hahaha Jp what was her reaction?

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