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WORST deal you have ever had and worst weed ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ProSmoke87, Feb 17, 2015.

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    Hey i am just wondering if anyone here has ever experienced getting ripped off when you where a noob or even if you was not and someone tried to rip you off... what did you do about it? did you say something or did you just ignore the guy?
    Also wondering what is the worst weed you guys have ever smoked or got your hands on?
    Myself personally i had an old dealer and i was a complete rookie when it came to bud... not solid as thats what i used to smoke more here in the UK but skunk.
    The guy was selling contaminated shit but i did not know about it for a loooong time so he ripped me off royaly.
    I was very ignorant at the time and never checked the weed.. but he gave me fat ass bags... so i thought he was safe..
    Thing is one time the weed had glass on it some white widow..
    glass beads.. and i did not notice untill the third bag. He was also laying me on doing fronts.. now i know why and he knew where i lived so i didnt want any shit on my front doorstep but i did refuse to pay him and told him straight up what the fuck is this shit.. and he said he did not know about it but never got his money i owed him like £80 and because i was abit gullable and was getting weed from him for like a year also it was the first white widow i had from him so i said ok fine..
    then he sold me some good cheese was clean and everything.. then the next time the son of a bitch gave me contaminated shit again so i fucked him off completelly..
    What do you think should be done with motherfuckers like this? me personally i think cunts like that deserve a bullit to the head. If your knowingly selling contaminated shit to people you deserve nothing but the swiftest death in my opinion.. or at least your head caved in..
    unfortunatelly the guy never got that as he was on my doorstep but we live and learn from our mistakes and now i always check my weed fully.. at the time i never had a clue.. plus i was always drunk so it never even crossed my mind that someone would purposly contaminate weed....
    i found out when i got the glassy shit and googled it.. that its everywhere in the UK
    This is why i am all for legalisation but the government are complete cunts and i dont think they ever will legalise it.
    Why do we the people and the ones who put these fools in power put up with this shit?
    a bunch of nobodies in power dictating to the rest of us what to do with our bodies...
    yet at the same time they are the most currupt people going... we need to make a change...
    One last thing if theres anyone here who have ever sold contaminated shit i would like to know? why would you be so greedy and risk peoples health? please awnser.... thanks.

  2. I've been sold wet bud, like literally cut an hour before it was sold to me, or attempted sale.

    I looked at it and said, wtf? This is plant!

    Luckily I didn't hand him my money yet, and this was inside ralphs, he was the butcher. It was awkward doing a weed pickup inside ralphs at the butcher counter.
  3. Yeah well if its wet cant you just dry it out? lol but if its glassy you cant do shit? :)
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    Um, it would take a few weeks(or fews days for this amount) to dry and cure it... I wanted to smoke that day.

    Plus the weight drops significantly when dried and cured.
  5. So what exacly did you do? lol did you give it him back or say nothing?
  6. I gave it back to him and said it was still plant, he took it back without any hesitation. He thought I was stupid basically.

    Why I never hand someone MONEY without weed in my hand. If they ask for money first, alarms ring in my head.
  7. The first time I smoked. Me and 3 friends in high school called up a known stoner from our grade and asked for weed because we were bored and curious lol. None of us had any idea about anything to do with weed. The guy sold us 5 joints each for $60. It was the nastiest bush weed, but I couldn't tell at the time because I had no reference.
  8. $120 for a gram of hash oil once, and $180 fr a half and $120 for a quarter. Those were the biggest rip offs.
  9. Been fortunate to always have good connects that never really tried to fuck me over.

    I had a friend one time hit me up saying he had grown a couple plants and wanted me to come check the bud out. when I got there he had about a half oz sitting out. We sat down and started smoking. Smoked a bowl pack out of my bong. Didn't feel anything. We both rolled a joint. Took it to the dome. Got kinda buzzed but nothing special. Broke out the gravity bong and we both took about 5 or 6 rips each before we could call ourselves high.

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    back when I was new to smoking (around age 14-15 or so) I remember fronting a 'friend' of mine $100 to get me some stuff from the dispensary. the guy was sketchy, but we had been friends for a few years beforehand and I honestly didn't think he'd rip me off...but sure enough, I never received any product. I feel like fronting and getting burned is almost a rite of passage for stoners...but man was that shitty. I remember it was a fresh $100 bill I got for my birthday or something too. since then, I've gotten robbed (not ripped off, full on robbed) for hundreds of dollars but I think that time was still the worst cause for the few days/weeks after it happened I still thought I might actually receive something...yeah, didn't happen. 
    and another I just now thought of. back when I was 20-21 and selling bud, I remember I was picking up a lb or half lb from this guy I knew. it wasn't actually one of my hookups per se, it was a friend of a friend of mine, and my friend texted me saying the guy was in town with some dank and trying to move it. I had purchased weed from him before, it was good, just the dealer didn't live close enough for it to be a consistent thing so I didn't have his number of anything. so I discussed prices with them via text, and we settled on an 1/2 or full lb of some dank, plus a single oz of his 'private reserve straight sativa' which my friend swore was amazing weed.
    so anyway, they picked up me up and we're in a car doing the deal, they give me the lb bag (which is in a black turkey bag type thing) and I check it out, it's some chronic so I take it. since the single oz is already all bagged (in the same black plastic) and were in a car, I figure since my friend knows dank weed there is no real reason to check it. plus it was just personal anyway, so worst case I could just sell it if it wasn't mind-blowingly dank. anyway, I pay them, and I give my friend $20 for orchestrating the deal, he didn't ask for it I just wanted to show my gratitude. get back, weight the lb, it's all good no funny business, and then decide to break into the private reserve sativa. open it up and it's 28g of hermie'd weed.
    so I text the guy right away, he basically tells me 'oh check it better next time your fault' and was just all around being a prick. call out my 'friend', he tells me the guy showed him some dank weed and then gave me an ounce of something else...yeah bullshit. felt like such a sucker for voluntarily giving my friend another $20. 
    on a more positive note, sometime down the line that same dealer would text me trying to pick up lbs cause he was going out of business. used to always tell him I had 'private reserve straight sativa'  that was going for about $4000/lb only to him (regular p of indoor runs about $2000 here)
  11. So just the other weekend I was tagging along with a friend on a run, some guy was buying a half ounce of mid and a gram of loud.  He was being super sketch the entire time and kept asking if we were packing, and we just told him to chill out.  When we went to meet him he didn't have the money on him so he said he would run back to his house, grab the money, and meet us in the parking lot in front of his apartment.
    SOO, we waited and waited and he never came so we were like whatever and were about to get in the car to leave and we heard him call from across the lot so my friend walked up there to do the deal.  We were kinda in a hurry at this point, cause it had been a few stressful hours (we NEEDED the money and this guy was taking forever).  So of course my guy, it was a careless and stupid mistake, went to give the guy the weed without making sure he had money in hand....
    And he snatched it and ran.  My friend ran after him for so long, once he got back to the car he started vomiting everywhere. It was intense.
    I managed to calm him down but all our highs were completely shot and we were just so done for the night.  We should have been more careful but it was just annoying and stressful as shit and we paid for our carelessness.  
    He didn't snatch the loud though and we still had the other half ounce  :D So we just tried to enjoy the rest of the night even though all of our plans that were relying on the money were shot.  
    Other than that I've always had good experiences.
    Lesson we learned, if they're being sketch, you should probably be pretty sketch too. :ph34r:
    Worst weed I ever smoked was from a guy I met in front of the Arby's bathroom, gave me some gross yellow stuff and claimed it was loud.  It wasn't.  It was free though so whatever.
  12. Yeah thing is we all live and learn so we can make sure to never make the same mistakes again... ;) thanks for your stories
  13. He said $20 for 5 grams... he forgot to mention it was 5 gs of stems.
  14. People kill for a thousand dollars.. what makes you think they wont throw some glass in your stash
  15. Takes a certain kind of .. person.. though eh?
  16. One time my friends and I (stupidly) gave money to this kid we didn't know very well and while he was picking up he tried stealing a pipe from a smoke shop but got caught and arrested. No one knew what happened to him and he was gone for a while after so it must have been true. We only lost like $45 but at the time that was a lot of money!

    The worst weed I smoked was the worst reggie you could find. It felt compressed but not. It was also black because and the dealer said that was because that part of the shipment was in the river water when it was being smuggled over the border. Maybe the water gave the bud the weird texture. It was super harsh and just plain nasty. We got around 50 grams of it and smoked all of it too. Man, were my friend and I dumb lol.
  17. When i was in Hawaii i bought an 8th and my dealer pulled out two bags. both were eights. one cost $50 and the other eighth was free. I was super excited to be paying $50 for a 1/4 but when i got home i saw why. the weed looked purple, but dry and no crystals. it had a very faint smell of marijuana. i rolled it, and smoked it and besides the shit taste it left in my mouth, i felt nothing. by far the worst weed i ever smoked. the other bag contained Sour Diesel  :smoking: needless to say i had a different experience with that one.
  18. I've had some pretty bad deals over the years.  Worst deal I ever heard of was a guy I know went on a deal and got lit on fire.  He was in his car, the guy walked up and threw a jar of something flammable on his arm and lit him up, and the guy drove off with his arm on fire hanging out the window.  It seems like the wind from driving only made it worse or something, I forget how, but he managed to put himself out and get away, but he had burn scars all over his arm and was still on pain meds for it the last time I saw him, which was a long time ago but probably 5 years after the incident.
    You don't have to be a noob to get ripped off, I just got ripped off as recently as 3 years ago.  It all seemed legit, but it turned out to be a bunch of bullshit.  There was this kid who had been working where I was for a few months, I didn't know him that well but knew his name and face, and he seemed OK.  Somebody I knew had bought some weed off him so I hit him up at work and we set it up so I'd meet him at his apartment complex.  I park at the complex, he comes out and we BS for a minute then I give him the money and he goes to get the weed.  Normally I'd only do something like that if I knew the person well enough not to rip me off, but it's not like this guy was going to quit his job to rip me off for $50.  It turned out it was a lot like that, he never came back out to my car.  I called him and he pretended to be a black guy (he was white, and the impression was laughably bad), and telling me I had the wrong number and to stop playing on his phone.  Then stopped answering.  I didn't know which apartment he was in, it was a big complex and he could have been in any number of buildings.  I had no choice just to give up, it was clear he was robbing me, and I couldn't go around knocking door to door looking for him obviously.  He was a no-show for work after that, and I found out that a few days later he got arrested for theft, and that he was on probation already and that was being revoked.  So I guess he got what he deserved.  
    I just lost my favorite/best dealer because he decided to get out of the game after somebody tried to rob him on a deal last week.  He didn't give me all the details, but it must have been pretty bad for this guy to decide to quit selling.  
  19. I have had my fair share of bad deals. Back when I was a little less knowledgeable I handed my friend and his 2 friends $20 for a gram of some loud and they drove off to never come back. Then another time I went to buy an ounce of mid. This dude went with me said he would need the 130 and my scales so he could make sure it weighed. It was at apartments and I looked around decided there was no true way for him to run. I decided to give it a shot. After 10 minutes he texted me asking if he left his fourwheeler keys in my car. This is when I started to worry and there was no key. Still with no way really away I waited for another 20 and then got blocked by his number. Upon further examination when walking around the back of the apartments what looks to be all the way fenced in with 10 foot fence was actually ripped part way down in the back so he most definitely went out the back door. After that I have gotten much smarter and started smoking only dank. As for the worst weed I have ever smoked, we bought some mids back in the day and even those got us high. Well we bought a gram of what was claimed to be agent orange. Smoked it with a waterbong between 2 people and never even got a buzz. But it did look nice.
  20. Never really been ripped off, I never buy from someone I don't personally know. Cheers!

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-

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