Worst day of my life

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. I just thought i would let everyone know that today was one of the crappiest days of my life. The whole day started off so well too. I woke up exactly at 4:20, which is usually a good sign. I had to ride the bus to school and as I got to the top of my hill I saw the bus at the bottom so I halled ass down there but just as I got there the bus pulled away.Igott to school early and went and toked up at a friends house and I almost made it to school on time. First period got out early and when I got to second period we had a substitute and I used my scandalous ways to get out of class. So we went to the store, bought some juice and stovetop stuffing and went to chill at a friends. So, we smoked a joint, ate some stuffing and headed back to school. I snuck back in undetected, or so I thought. As I approached my class, I noticed that officer Paul was just leaving and I knew. He brought me down to the office to talk to the counselor who proceeded to inform me that some of my "friends" were concerned about how much weed I smoke. I tried to deny it, but she was like we all know your stoned. Then the vice-principle came and asked me why I smoke weed, what do you say to some one like that? ANy way, he was like were going to need to search your stuff and your looking at a 5day suspension. I knew I was screwed I have pictures of bud and stuff all over my binder, not to mention bud stems and old baggies and containers and lighters in my purse. So I asked the counselor if she would come with me to get my stuff, thank god she did! She let me ditch all of my pictures of bud and my stems containers bud and stuff. I was grabbin handfuls of crap out of my purse and ditching it. When I got back to the office and he searched my stuff, I was feeling pretty confident but he found two lighters and a pocket knife. No big deal, right? wrong. I got expelled and then I had to sit in the office for three hours and wait for my dad who was not very happy.
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  2. That sucks! I don't want to say this, but now you know why everyone is so paranoid about concealing their stash.. Having bud pictures on your binder I'm surprised you weren't already sent to the principal's, and you should truly thank your counselor for risking her job, and entire career to save your ass from being sent to juvenile hall for posession!

    I hope you realize that school isn't the place to be messing around.. Man I know you have heard it from your dad all day and night by now, but please realize your education might not be important now, but finding a job in the future you will realize how important it is to other people. You need a job to support yourself, and your hobbies. Besides, knowledge is power, and can help you become stronger in both body and mind. I blew of college multiple times, and wish I went further. I will, and am going to enroll in some classes. Knowledge to me, is LIFE and I know I'm a nerd but the more I learn about the world and, well, everything, the more I appreciate life, and value all that surrounds me. Trust me, high school isn't THAT bad. ;)

    I hope nobody's being too hard on ya, not sure what area of the country (world) you live in, but here in California people are a little bit more tolerant. Don't worry, just learn from your past and you'll be OK. Trust me, I've been busted, and it was for posession, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was ~ almost 4 years later I have not looked back, and am doing actually pretty damn good with my life, and yes I am still a regular smoker. If you're worried about your parent(s), don't worry - they will always love you, it's unconditional, remember? You got 'em there ;) J/K.

    Good luck with your dad, I hope you get back in school somehow, and try to keep it on the DL. Irresponsiblity in smoking (going to school stoned) gives marijuana a bad name it does not deserve, respect the herb and respect yourself! There are medical patients out there that are struggling in an uphill battle, and people have died in the fight to legalize marijuana for others who are in pain. It is a herb that deserves respect! :) Just keep yourself strong, don't change your values, just change whom you allow to know about them, and try to keep an eye out for any "warning" signs of this kinda thing happening again. And for God's sake don't carry around empty baggies! They can weigh the marijuana INCLUDING the baggies they're in, and get away with including those weights in the total amount you have, perhaps giving you larger charges.
    You're DAMN DAMN DAMN lucky you got away with just a couple lighters and a pocket knife. You'd be in Juvy Hall right now, girl, so thank god! Sorry to ramble~ Keep living your life sister and be strong! Life isn't easy but that's what make the good things so GREAT :) <3 :)
    Much love,
  3. Don't get me wrong, I realize what I did was stupid, and I must of thanked God 50 times by now for the counselor being such a cool lady, but it's kind of scandalous that I was expelled for having a little swiss army knife in the bottom of my huge purse. Tommorrow I have to meet with the drug and alcohol counselor for an evaluation and depending upon what she says I may have to get drug counseling which would include U.A's. I also found out that the person who ratted me out to the cops was one of my closest friends (Abbey). I was also informed that anther girl tried to warn me, but the only time she saw me I was with abbey who told her if she warned me she could get in trouble with the cops.

    I live in Washington, and the policy says I have to have a hearing to get back into school and must serve a minimum of 5 of 30 days of suspension if they let me back in.

    Last night, my friend Amanda called and my dad answered before I did (because i'm no longer alowed to use the phone) and he asked her some questions and came to find out that we went to my friend Ed's house, which really pissed him off, so he called Ed's mom and told her that he is running a drug house and invites people over to get high in the mornin, which is so not true and I felt bad because we invited ourselves over and woke him up.

    Thank you for listening,

    ps: How much did you get busted with?
  4. Thats some shit....i would of probably hit the cop....but thats me and my vulgar, insane mind. Then again, i would beat the shit out of yer frineds for doing that to u....concerned that u smoke too much weed? thats fucked over....how can u smoke too much weed? :) STAY UP
  5. Ganja Fish! My god! The time and energy and wisdom you give :) I love it...


    Quote of the day: Knowlegde is power (by Ganjafish :) )

    be good 420Girl ;-), hope your situation at home is somewhat chilled by now!

  6. Thanks guys. Everything sucks so incredibly hard right now. I wish everyone (my dad) would just leave me alone so I could just curl up in the fetal position with my bong and just smoke until everything didn't suck anymore.

    Is that so wrong?
  7. id listen to ganjaphish,...
    my advice is to not get up at 4:20 thats WAY to early.

  8. I just found out that my drug evaluation tommorow is going to take 2 hours and I have to take a pee test and The length and severity of the counseling depends on how high the levels of THC are. What is she going to askme and what am I going to say?

    I'll be taking piss tests for the rest of my sub-adult life!

    What do you guys think?

    Do I lie like a dog and try to save my ass, or let it all come out?
  9. 420gurlie good LUCK with your hearing. I imagine since they really didn't find any actual DRUGS on you, they'll give you the MINIMUM if that. Just curious, what is your DAD'S take on your personal marijuana usage?? Is he PISSED?
    I don't blame you for being pissed at your friends, while they may have concerned about you they didn't have to bring you down like THAT.

    Drug counseling? Not that bad. It's actually pretty informative hehe :) The thing that was too bad for me was that my area I live in is a tweaker haven, and I was the only pothead there, so I couldn't really relate to addiction.

    I was busted, btw, for almost an oz, but that wasn't the problem it was the 'shrooms I had with me.. hehe.
    I wasn't stupid about it, I was in a private residence, and my friend had a warrant for unpaid tickets. Knock knock cops at the door, and posession, though it was all not mine it was in my bag, is 9/10 of the law. Even though other people testified that the shrooms were not mine and only a portion of the weed, they charged me for the full amount because posession's literal definition by state law is being "under control" of the substance. I knew it was there, so I had the control to bust my friends - whatever.

    If I had known my rights they would have never searched my bag - they had no warrant for MYSELF so my belongings should have been left untouched. And actually, even if I hadn't and had $$ I could afford to pay my lawyer, I would have won the case. Unfortunately, $ wasn't easy to come by for me @ that time. Instead I took "drug diversion" and my case was dropped after a year and a half probation. To be honest it wasn't bad, and like I said I haven't looked back once, if anything I have moved on as a stronger spirit :)

    ANYWAY they do say KNOW YOUR RIGHTS it is IMPORTANT. I could have avoided my whole mess. Unfortunately, schools are DIFFERENT and they can even search your lockers if they so please, with no real reason.

    Good luck again and just keep yourself strong :)
  10. My dad smokes weed too so he wasn't all shocked or anything. But, the one thing he always tells me is don't get high before or during school and before I do my homework. So he's really pissed that I got caught. He said I didn't have to lie for him, but he wants to talk later so we can get our stories straight because the counselor wants to talk to him too. But, he basically told me that I should lie and do as much damage control as I can so I can get back to school as fast as possible.
  11. Well, I just got back from the drug counselor. It wasn't THAT bad, bud she asked me questions for like 3 hours just to come to the assesment that I have a substance abuse problem (DUH). I could of told her that and saved us both alot of time. We came to the arrangement that I didn't have to join a group and go to therapy if my dad would give me random UA's for two months.

    two months is a long time without bud, plus she's going to be checking up on me at school and I have a meeting tomorrow with the superintendant to see if i can even come back to school, so wish me good luck.
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  12. Good luck!
    2 months of drug testing is NOT that bad man, trust me :) I did it for a year and a half and the first week is so aggravating it's hard to deal, especially if you're a daily smoker, but after that it's a breeze..
    Hope they let you back in school!
    As for me, I got my new car last night WOOHOOO :D
    I thought my life was a disaster when we totalled my car and now I'm so excited I can hardly stay in the house instead of zipping around town hehe
  13. Two months isn't that bad, i guess. It's going to suck, but I guess weed will always be there. I had a meeting with the district superintendant today and I get to go back to school on wednesday. I had to sign a contract that postpones the suspension and if I don't get introuble for the rest of the year, it will just go away.

    BTW, what kind of car, and how did you total your last one?
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  14. sad, I think you should take a break to regain your scattered
    energies and equilibrilum. you have along way to go in life.
    Is it difficult to get back to school? Try. Icing on the cake is
    having it and eating it too. Should strike a blance then you
    will see the world is more beautiful.
  15. Things sure have changed since.......I don't remember actually gettin' busted with weed in school, though I do remember it was in the '80s that they really started coming down on it. They had to-a bunch of the senior class about 4 years ahead of me got busted doin coke on their trip to Florida. Anyway, I remember being totally reckless when it came to my partyin'. Before school, cutting school, during lunch, IN the school during a dance. This is all I have to offer you. I didn't have my priorities straight and I'm dealing with the results now-15 years later. There's a time and place for everything. Please-so you don't regret it later- take advantage of school, even though it sucks. JOBS suck even worse, especially if you can't get a good one. Prepare yourself now so that you'll be able to have a satisfying future. There's always time for gettin' high. Sounds like yer dad's a good guy and knows what's good for you. Be true to him......he'll be there longer than any of your "friends".
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  16. 420girlie ,

    The most disconcerting thing for me about your experience is the fact that your closest friend ratted you out. Did she think she was doing you some kind of favor or what ?
    How will you act towards her now ?
    I've been dry for months by choice ,it's no big deal. The pee tests are a drag ,but you can easilly survive them too. At least your dad knows some of the reasons why you do smoke .What he told you about not smoking in school is probably what I would have.
    And it looks like you're still allowed to come here so we can at least give you some support ,until this "sobriety" thing blows over. :)
  17. I don't know what the hell she was thinking. I've thought about it alot and the best I can come up with is that she was mad at me because I stopped taking her with me to smoke. I don't by the whole "concerned friend" thing for a second because if I would have asked her she would have been right there with me (I know that for a fact because she used to come with me every time before I stopped taking her).

    I don't know what i'm gonna say to her. I feel like hitting her in her face as hard as I can, but my parents taught me better than that. I will get my revenge though, only in a more intelligent way. I was thinking of making signs with her picture on them that say that she is a narc and putting them in peoples lockers and on the inside of the bathroom stalls so everyone knows what a backstabbing bitch she is and so nobody will sell her weed anymore, lets just see how she likes that one.

    Does anyone else have any bright ideas?
  18. Just try and chill and your get through this. Just try and not into anything thatll ruin your record for life. It would suck if you had to post from out of the country or on the run. '420girlie excapes the FEDS!!' I can imagine the headlines. =)

    Im rooting for yah =)


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