Worst day ever...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wiscompton, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey gc I've been having the shittiest day ever and I thought ranting to you guys for a little bit will maybe get some of this shit off my chest.

    Aight well it started this morning on my way to work. I got rear ended by some old lady and totaled my car. I also ended up with a broken wrist. So I was supposed to take my now ex-girlfriend(explained soon) out for lunch but obviously I couldn't since I was stuck in the hospital for a good part of the day. So she starts flipping out on me for "not being there for her" so she ends up using the reservations I made for our favorite restraint to take her ex boyfriend. Just dandy right? So then once I get out of the hospital I go to my insurance agents office to try and figure everything out and ofcourse the old lady that hit me doesn't have any insurance. Well I'm at the insurance company till about 830 when I leave I get a text from my girlfriend saying that she had sex with Jason, her ex, and that she was leaving me for him because he is so much more mature. (he works at taco bell, i work an internship/secretary job at a stock managing company). All that and I have no bud to forget my troubles.

    Thanks guys your the best.
  2. Not one view...
    Thanks for your concern :(
  3. Wow, the ex-boyfriend part is fucked up. Did she know your circumstances? If she did, fuck, dude.. She's so not worth anything. That's harsh. What the hell. Well, you didn't lose anything good, so don't worry about the girl, mate.

    The wrist though Im sorry abot. : ( Hope you feel better. That sounds like a shit ass day.
  4. can i smoke you down sometime?
  5. Theirs always one woman you can count on. And her name is Mary Jane.
    Don't worry man things will get better. Just relax and smoke a nice bowl.:cool:
  6. Yeah, call up some dealers n get you some nice budness.
  7. goodluck,

    jasons gonna look real mature when he gives her syphilis.
  8. Ah damn..I wish you the best man.
    That's just fucked up. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!
    push through this shit
  9. make friends with ppl you smoke man. youll always have acces to weed. but you seem to work in a pretty legit serious place so stoners in there are prolly hard to find. FIND WEED!!!!!!! youll better fasho.
  10. your exgf sounds like a cunt.

    which wrist? I still got (lots of)marks on my right from falling off my scotter(lame, I no), back around 6th or 7th grade. stung like a bitch, broke in 3 places

    Back to your story, I'd go to taco bell and 'spill' my tray on her new bf

    'oh my bad man my wrist is broken can't hold tray right'

    good luck man
  11. Thanks everyone for listening and giving some feedback. Your right about that bitch I don't need her she was just holding me back. But for real fuck the world it's harsh out there. I jus gotta keep my head up. Sorry if I've put a damper on anyones day.

  12. thats what ya gotta do bro
  13. Ha too bad you don't got bud that was the saddest part. Try and forget her, no offense seriously, but if she just left you that easy than you don't want to be in any longer your just settin yourself up for a larger heartache. as for the wrist it'll heal. sorry bout car hopefully you were planning to get another soon...
  14. Yeah imma egg the shit outa his car tommorow. And it's my left carpel bones I'm havin surgery on tuesday. Woohoo
  15. Look at the good part....U dont have to deal with her anymore (sorry bro she sounds like a needy bitch) Ur wrist will heal, u.ll have bud sometime soon, and dont forget with surgery there comes PAINKILLERS haha ;)
    Karma is a bitch right

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