Worst cover up story to hide your high!

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  1. Well, it was 12pm and I just walk in from a 'social' gathering with some lemon kush. Here I am, high as a kite, walking into my house (which I only live in, but due to Christmas I had some family from Canada and US over). With no lights on I thought the coast was clear so I continued to enter. As I take my coat off, one of the little terrors (cousins child) comes running at me head first and head butts my leg (surprisingly normal,lol).

    Now im like SH*T, they are all up. Now I try and make a dash for it upstairs to my room, as I run out comes my aunt from upstairs bathroom. Eyes bloodshot like the devils ass, she looks at me and is like 'are you ok?'... knowing there is no reason, I say I have been crying,lol due to a fight (verbal) with my family (mum, dad etc) bla bla. BAD IDEA! I get sat down with my cousin as well and I go on to make up more 'problems' I had with them,lol. Now for the worst part... HE SAT AND TALKED TO ME FOR 3 HOURS ABOUT HOW I SHOULD NOT GET EMOTIONAL OVER THINGS LIKE THESE, hahahahahaha. Inside I am laughing my ass off, like shut up you dick! Well 3 hours later and all I found out is he can talk a lot, and he thinks he's wise. Pretty sure they will bring it up with my fam at some point so yeah... it has not ended yet,lol.

    So there you go, I had to go through 3 hours of torture due to my lame ass attempt of a cover up. Would love to hear what you guys have said/done to deny your highness to others!

  2. If it's your house and others are staying with you then who the fuck cares if they know you are high?
  3. pretending to be drunk is always a good one, although it wont hold up for long
  4. Next time use an excuse like allergy's, or your friend has dog and or cat that u petted and accidentally rubbed some hair into your eyes. Another good one would be that your friend smokes so the window was open in the car when you went to ______ which must have dried up your eyes. Must be smart man, an excuse like that could get ya caught up real quick. but than again who cares you're an adult.
  5. Lol, its family. I am from a family who are extremely close and share everything, houses, cars, business' etc etc so yeah... my elders don't look kindly on the old 'drugs' taboo. Although they are cool as hell, you cant take the 'old' out of the 'old school' mentality.

  6. That is why this is my WORST cover up story, it would be boring to tell you my amazing 'alergy' story. This is for those terrible excuses made, not the great calculated decisions made in life,lol.

  7. Before my parents knew I would say I was just tired.
  8. ^Same. I have to hide it from someone almost everyday. Every time I'm at my girl's house her uncle asks about my eyes and I just say I'm tired.. it's obvious he knows, but he won't go ape shit unless he knows for definite.
  9. Walked into the corner store high as fuck eyes sunburnt as hell and this girl said "you look really high, everyone can notice" . I said "bitch ring up my slim jim im high as fuck"
  10. [quote name='"obes"']pretending to be drunk is always a good one, although it wont hold up for long[/quote]

    Ill have to use that one at work
  11. I've never really had to tell one. I'd always be super careful to not get caught just due to my eyes. I've been caught due to people smelling it, but never because my eyes were red. For a while I used eye drops now when people say my eyes are red I just laugh and say "Yep they sure are."
  12. I have pink eye right now so that was my excuse over the holidays.
  13. If you're serious you sir are a fucking boss xD
  14. sometimes I embrace how high I look by letting people see how stoned I am but at the same time letting them see I can still function, watch me go fuckers!
  15. Eye drops maybe?

    Just a thought, I feel like an undercover agent high in enemy territory. With a grin from ear to ear, but my eyes are clear.
  16. I didn't get my enough sleep and the redness from eyes doesn't exactly remove until the eye-drops cool them down aka I'm just tired but to make it believable, you need to have the right tone of voice and body language.
  17. I just act like they're crazy,

    I question their intelligence,

    those crazy enough to seriously care,

    for thinking I'm high.

    When I see people with bloodshot eyes,

    I just smile,

    'cause they're probably high.

  18. you sat and listened for three hours? about 15 min into the discussion I would have said

    "Yeah I am actually coming down off some good exotic listening to you for so long, going to bed cousin, catch me manana"
  19. During my bright days of high school, got home my mom asked why my eyes were so red? Without even a moment of hesitation I blamed it on my horrible cat allergies. Unfortunately it didn't come out quite that elegantly, well mom believe it or not I was attacked by ninja kittens. To both mine and my buddies surprise she accepted the answer, and hooked me up with some Zyrtec lol:smoking:

    Gotta love Moms
  20. Lol mines not exactly a bad cover up.. Jus kinda funny.. So i get out of wrestling practice, smoke with my friend on the team and then i go home... I walk in the door and my moms there and bfore she can ask why my eyes are red i announce that i got punched in both eyes at practice and ask if she has any eyedrops. Win

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