Worst-case Scenario with Bear Grylls

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  1. So I read the book Worst-case scenario when I was, shit, I don't know, I think I was 13, 14 maybe. It was a cool book and shows all these cool survival tactics in you guessed it...the worst-case scenario.

    Now Bear has this new show on Discovery and it's pretty cool. I've seen the last two episodes and it's got a lot useful survival tips. He sure is a cool guy too. That Bear :rolleyes:

    Check it out if you're stoned or bored or somethin :wave::D
  2. Im watching it right now actually haha
  3. that episode where he took off the headrest of the seat of the car to knock out the window was so clever, i would have never thought of that.
  4. I used to love Man vs. Wild. It was so f*cking cool when he would find dead animals cut them clean open and eat the grossest possible thing out of them like squeeze the grass filled stomachs of camels for water. Dripping dirty juices all over his face. Ha ha it was a spectacle....then I found out he stays in hotels and stages scenarios and a lost a little respect for him...its still a cool show and I am sure Worst-case Scenario with Bear Grylls has great production value but I just don't know....I think it could be good since everything has to be "staged" by virtue of the content...could be better I guess....I'll look for it :D

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