Worst BUzz KIll yesturday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sharoz4, May 16, 2010.

  1. so last night at 7 pm my dealer came and drop off some dank kush. when i get home i start sparking up and go on to play some ps3. 8 minutes later my dealer calls me up and tell me that why is there 5-0 infront of your house. at this point my heart is racing! i hang up the phone since i think my phones are being traced by the police. i go by my window and peak out and to my suprise i see a Chevy suv police car outside. Now im really paranoid since i think that they got a k9 unit in that big fucken truck! i go upstairs, to get straightened out. 13 minutes later the suv leaves. i found out that the police car was just there trying to catch some people going past stop signs by my house.
  2. lol... chill out bruh why would they be there for you in the first place
  3. Lol weed can take any situation you find yourself in, and with the right mindset, make you think people are out to get you :hello:
    That's understandable though, if i saw a big ass police SUV outside my house i'd be bugging out:eek:
  4. When I used to live in this apartment there was this cop I had to run out of my space every now and then because he was sitting there waiting for speeders or something.
  5. Cops can always be big buzzkills but the worst that I've seen was a thread here awhile back about two guys smoking a blunt in the forest and finding a dead guy.
  6. dealers paranoia leads to users paranoia

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