Worst Buzz-Kill Ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hanger18, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. OK, on Saturday night, me and 2 of my friends were smoking in this park. I was sooo baked, and we were walking through the park back to my friend's house when we see all these kids darting back and forth behind trees. I'm like "THEYRE NINJAS! HOLY SHIT WE FOUND REAL NINJAS HAHAHAHA!" when all of a sudden these white things start flying past me. I'm thinking snow, and start running because i my friends were. This kid starts chasing me yelling "OHHH im gonna get you, im catching upp, u fucker!" and i didnt know who it was, and i thought he thought i was someone else so i stopped to show him who i was (oh yeah, i was really stoned) and i thought i was gonna have to fight him, and he says dont make me hit you before slapping an egg on the side of my head. he runs off, and i run over to help my friend who's yelling, standing in between these 2 cars, all the while i am totally confused and scared. turns out somone told this guy we were gonna egg his house tonight, which we werent, so he got a bunch of his friends to go look for us. The ex-friend called my bud a faggot and got back in the car, and my friend kicked the door and dented it. The driver took off after him with no luck (he's in cross countrym beeaaatch) and i just sat there, noticing 2 of my good friends in the car. i felt really betrayed, because at lunch on friday we had been joking about egging the guy's house, and i thought they had ratted out on us. Turns out one of my friends was talking about how we should egg his house at a party earlier that night, and someone there told(dumbass)
    for like an hour i was so confused and betrayed, and just walked home and took a shower. egg was all in my hair, with a couple splatted on my back. my friend's letterman jacket is ruined. this is the one time i wish i hadn't smoked, if i wasnt so stoned i would have defended myself and kicked some ass to the best of my ability, but i just didnt know what the fuck was going on. i'm taking a weed-break for at least a month.

    the faggot who did this will get whats comming to him though
  2. wow man, that really sux. i feel ya tho, betrayal is the worst feeling. fuck up his car. somehow, i dont care how. (ive slashed someones tires and every replacement they baught for a month....<---mad funny if you really dont like the person)
  3. sugar in the gas tank and a potato in the muffler. fuck those supposed "friends" up. Although I myself am a little confused about what happened, it seems you know who to direct this towards. I think if you put mustard or deli meat on a car and it sits all night the paint comes off with it in the morning...

  4. hahahah my friend put a potato in someones muffler once...then he got the shit kicked outta him
  5. thats really not cool. especially if you were just fuckin around. but i wouldn't fuck up his car because they would prolly know you had something to do with it. this dipshit kids got caught at my school cause they fucked up some tires and broke some windshields. be careful with that shit man
  6. Hey where is Wa you live? I live in bremerton.
  7. Yo that really sucks, thats a crapy situation and it sucks u werent focused to fight back. But i say screw the weed nap...Find the fuckers who messed with you, fuck them up. Then smoke a nice fat blunt to celebrate. definitely do that shit
  8. In the words of Vincent from Pulp Fiction "What the fuck kinda man fucks with another mans automobile? Thats the most pussy bitch thing I can think of, you just dont' do it. It's like an unspoken rule."
  9. this kid's a real son of a bitch. a long time ago he shot me and my friend with his paintball gun, so we threw a string of 100 black cats on his front yard like half an hour later (oh yeah, big deal) and he called our parents and told on us. he also has driven my friend's little sister home drunk. He has a right to be angry when he thinks we were gonna egg his house, so i want to find out whoever lied and said we were going to, its partially their shit. but i'm thinking, i'll try to return the favor to him. next time he gets stoned, maybe i'll show up and egg the shit out of him.

    oh yeah i live in spokane by the way
  10. Most pussy bitch thing you can think of? The dude kicked the guys car door, WHILE they were inside of the car! Sure, maybe if he did it while they were gone... but they were rigth there. Meh... if someone kicked my friends ass or something, I would tear apart their car, wait for the guy to come back and say straight up to his face "Like the make over I did on your car?", then I would proceed to kick his ass.

  11. Unless they try to kill you with it.
    In which case, both car and driver are definitely going down.
    Now, for a lot of people with very strong anger, it would be better to take it out on the car instead of badly hurting or killing someone, don't you think?
  12. The worst buzz killer I've ever had was this one time about three years ago after my first year of college. I was smokin this really good bud I had just brought back with me from college and I suddenly forgot I had to pick up my sister from her High School prom. By this point I was freakin out because I was really high and I didnt wanna drive. I knew I had to drive and pick her up though. So I get there and five minutes later all of my past High School teachers approached me, asking me questions about college, and how I liked it. Before I could get away from them (I was really buggin out at this point), my old english teacher asked me if I was alright because I didnt look so good. I told him I was getting over a cold even though it was in June, lol, (not flu season). He had to know I was stoned because he never missed a trick when I did stupid shit in High School. He totally ruined my high!
  13. my worst buzz kill was..

    just picked up a sack from my friend whos a big dealers around here..walk inside roll a J " both parents are sleepin by now" soo i light up in my basement .. .they smelled it thru the vent.. bout 10 mins after smokin "when my high was kickin in" my fuckin dad walks down.. and snifffs the room ..hes like WHAT THE FUCK HAVEU BEEN SMOKEn ... im all trippin out by now and it looks liek hes upside down and shit lolz..and im studderin and trippin on my words i said ehhh errr Incence.. shiiiiiit was a close one.. wish i didnt waste all that weed with that buzz killl
  14. I'd say my worst... actually only buzz kill would be my first time getting stoned... my ex g/f broke up with me because I got stoned. That was like 8 months ago... now she smokes pot.
  15. today when i had to talk to the principal cause i cussed out this bitch i didnt argue with him at all cause i was high
  16. wow that really sucks, yeah i would key the fuckers car...but i was in the woods and i was with a shit load of people, and fuckin this one kid was like i heard a car door, and fuckin so we booked it for like what seemed for ever, and then we came ot find out that it was nothing, and the kid that made us all paranoid lost his shoe in the snow severs that dumb-ass right! ....lol...
  17. I would seriously fuck someone up..

  18. i was JUST thinking that. don't fuck with his car. approach the guy and threaten to go to the cops if they keep it up. and follow up if you say it. they can fuck with you but they won't want to fuck with cops.
  19. dude does all that really kill ur high that bad? talking to old teachers. ive never really had my high killed ..its always something i can just shurg off.

    the only thing i can think of that killed my buzz was me n 2 friends were smoking some bowls in a park in our neighborhood
    it wasl ike 2am, we weer just about to stash the bong n go for a walk when i turn around n theres like this tall angry figure about 100 yards away stomping towards us

    of course i turn round n bolt ..cause im stoned off my ass n i dont feel like dealing with whomever it is. (cause we probably woke em up with all the light) my other friends chase right behind me. while were runnig we turn around n the figure gets on all fours n starts to spirnt towards us ...lol were like wtf? oih shit n thought i was jeepers creepers or something lol
    we covered so much land in so little time lol.

    plus recently my friends cat was outside n get its head severed, and its body chopped up or something in the middle of the night by a 'coayote' ..or maybe a ..werewolve!?

    what happend dindt really kill my high ..just runing that far ..but it was pretty funny i n was gone so it was all good

    but crazy shit like thats always happeing when we meet up to smoke at 2am, bats flying around n shit like that (i think it was just crickets lol) ..well thats stoned thinking for ya

  20. didnt think people from washington would do that shit.... im in seattle, PM me if u wanna hang out some time

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