Worst and Best St. Pattys day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oakgrove, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, havent been to the city in a wile.
    Ive had a tonna shit wit a new job.
    Any way, last friday was great, i was with all my close buddies at sum chicks house and we had about 5 bottle of smirnoff vodka. I was wrecked so my frend drives me home. It was a great night.
    Next morning my buddy john calls me up and tells me these 2 kids, one girl i knew and a boy i didnt, died last nite in a car accident. There was no drugs or alcohol, the guy was just driving so fast and hit a tree on the side of a highway. This girl was the last person to deserve to die. She walked into a room and it lit up. She was so athletic anf full of life, always singing and a smile on her face. She was only 16 years old, her bday is just a couple days away. The whole town has been in depression, and its just not fair how god works. Just felt like gettin off my chest.
    Rest in Peace Amanda Nadeau and Scott Connely.
    If u want to see the girl who passed away, her sister made her a memorial website,
    ww.myspace.com/amandanadeau :(
  2. Sorry to hear about that chick.
    Checked out her myspace. All the comments were so sad.
    Sucks how only the good people die so young.
  3. yeah it sucks hardcore. i am out of high school now but back in the fall a sophomore(freshman when i was senior) girl was involved in an accident(driver was drunk as was the other car in the accident) and she didnt have a seatbelt on in the back seat and flew out. Was pretty depressing for the school to go thru from what i have heard from a few buddies still there

    sorry to hear about the loss
  4. I've had some friends die the same exact way... just going too damn fast and loosing control. It's something that you never think would happen to you or your friends but when it does it makes you appreciate life to the fullest because you never know when it will end. I send my condolences to your friends and hope they r.i.p. Sorry about what happened.
  5. Sorry man...I can't say anything but live on.
  6. Man Im really sorry to hear that. I just lost my friend in a car accident a few weeks ago. My prayers are out for you and her family.

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