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Worst 420 ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bonus1, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. im a senior in high school and im 18 years old, and i got arrested today. i skipped school and me and 5 buddies drove around smoking 9 blunts to the face and we got pulled over. the kid in the passenger seat decides to throw the 9 roaches out the window and the cop found them along with various other glass pieces. to make a long story short my 2 buddies are sitting in jail right now with possession charges and i got suspended from school for the week
  2. well thats what you get for being a dumbass for smokeing and driveing , you have no one else but your own dumb self to blame for that, i hope it works out for you dont get me wrong but driveing around with blunts on 420 is just plain dumb
  3. the cop was cool about it tho, he let me off cuz i was honest:D
  4. no kidding he let you go. I don't recall the use of computer devices in jail.

    Plus i wouldn't be bragging on the forums that 2 of your friends are in jail while your at home because you were "honest"

    ps this is probably bs anyways. bad rep.
  5. Wait..you got arrested today...but he let you go? How does that make sense?
  6. That sucks dude, how long is your 2 friends going to be in jail?
  7. I'm curious as to the exact details pertaining to your otherwise premature release from incarceration. The cops let you off for being in your own words "Honest" yet your friends remain in jail.

    I wonder how honest you were exactly?
  8. i was let go with no charges because i gave up what i had in possession at the time which was only a 2 dollar glass pipe, the other 2 werent so lucky, sorry havent been checking the thread

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