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Worse Anti pot commercial

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Haha it doesn't even make sense....
  2. That one's pretty bad, but I still think the worse ones were:

    1) The ones where they told the parents that even though they smoked pot as a teen and turned out fine, that they should lie to their kids and tell them how fucked up it will make your life.

    2) The one where they linked marijuana buying to terrorism (btw, by some estimates, about 80%+ of american smoked pot is grown in the US, and the rest is pretty much Mexico and Canada.).
  3. The above the influence ones are just horrible. but this one was pretty crappy.
  4. Lmao that ones just fuckin hilarious! The one that absolutely pisses me off, is the girl and the "pressure" got to her. And shes all squashed an shit. How long are they gonna have commercials with NOTHING to do with pot.
  5. lol, he was more drunk, not high, they mixed up the drugs :rolleyes:
  6. That made no sense, how shit.
  7. #2 is always funny astro always...

    If it was true it would be a clear cut reason to legalize it and gather all the awesome growers for life long grow jobs at Mary-Jane-Bro Inc.

    I gotta say the dumbest tho would have to be the granny or the sister one...

    first off who the hell would ditch their own grandmother? If they would thats still FREE FOOD and no stoner would blow that off

    the sister one..pff stoned people are more tolerant less embarassed by things so having your little sister riding your coat tails wouldn't be a big deal you'd watch her well if not be more paranoid about possible safety issues
  8. Hahah, it's pathetic on how much they try to lie, when it'd be easier to just tell the truth.
  9. The one where the little girl is drowning, and her sister is just standing there spacing out doing nothing.

    Those commercials are so stupid...
  10. The one with the girl who's all deflated is fucking hilarious. "She never wants to do anything anymore." Booohooo, get over it and just fucking smoke pot bitch. LOL.
  11. lol yeah more so when the girl saying that looks like she'd fit right in at a rave licking fruit flavored bodyoils off other girls
  12. the one that says ur little sister is going to drown in a pool, while ur getting stoned in ur basement.
  13. Ahahahaha....that just made me laugh.
  14. how come we dont see anti meth commercials?

    ..but ya those pot ones are hilarious :D. so much bs in all of them..
  15. WOW that really stopped me from smoking weed. :rolleyes:
  16. I don't connect that with weed at all. All I see is a crappy "black belt."
  17. duude wtffff fucking ppl trying to convince us that smoking is like "the devil" haha its like ur sis will drown if u smoke im like im the youngest bitchhhh and i started smoking at 14 so eat my shit...and i dont have a poool.....or the one w/ dudes hand in his mouth hes like ya my friends told me to smoke so i did then they told me to put my hand in my mouth so i did im like why the fuck would someone have to force u 2 smoke weed man i dont need the suggestion especially if its free ...they should have like any meth/coke/extacy commercials.....they might make more sense but still if any not much
  18. those commercials are for shitheads. parents probably dont even take them seriously. what a waste of money. why not some commercials about americas obesity, and heart attacks, or say no to crystal meth or coke. shit if i had a time machine, i would buttstroke every corrupt conniving mother fucker who put america on its weed hating course in the 1930's

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