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  1. my beloved plant is only 2 weeks old, but compared to many others I've seen it seems too tall. It is just starting to show it's second set of true leaves, but the stem is about 6cm long and VERY thin. I'm worried that its gonna just fall over. Is there anything I should be doing to make it stonger, or something I am doing that is causing this?
  2. No 6cm is ok, you may need to support the plants in the first couple of weeks growth, do you use a fan? this helps strengthen the stalks as well as circulating the air.
    What lighting are you using?
  3. insufficient light source.
  4. If you dont use a fan, I strongly suggest you do. This is a common cause of breakage in stems once the plants start to develop more. How old did you say they were? Sorry, I'm really stoned. If they're over 6 inches, you should be probably use some thin sewing thread and a small flat stick to created a splint for it, also. Good luck!


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