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  1. i ordered from seed botique and i have found out that there in a legal battle so now im worried if ill get my seeds what do you guys think idahobuds
  2. there seems to be a lot of drama going on, and a lot of it is coming from someone who isn't telling the truth. I just got two orders within the last week from them. I think you'll get your stuff.
  3. Tell us more about this legal battle...
  4. Ill start off by saying that I cant give you 100% of the details because its a damn long story and only Gypsy and POM along with a few others know the real truth. There is a Man who goes by the name of Plural of Mongoose, an associate and employee of Gypsy Nirvinia. He claims that GN changed his name legally to Gypsy Nirvinia to take over seedsdirect.com and then started seedboutique.com for the purpose of cashing checks for the store (he could with his legal name now GN). POM accused GN of imbezzeling millions of dollars from the store in Amsterdam. Then came the assult accusation in which POM accused GN of beating him with an ashtray and trying to have POM killed by some guys he hired. At that time GN "took some time off" in the midst of all this. Now POM is saying he is going to sue GN,DG,&OP. POM secuessfully took control of the ICMAG forum for a short while but GN has it back. At this point in time no one has heard from GN. I do have to say GN is not the man I thought he was. He will be the first to tell you hes just a "seed smuggler". Many people have accused him of being an asshole who puts in 2 hrs at seedboutique.com calls it a day and then drives around in his "Jag". Theres even a video of Gn floating around in which he yells at an employee and then proceeds to wheel him around the room with GNs finger up the employees nose. To be honest im not sure WTF to think. I was always on Gypsy's side and will remain until the real truth comes out. The one thing I can positivly say is that there is alot more to come and truth to be told. The sad this is that while GN and POM fight out this rediculious dispute, we have to sit idle by our computers while seedboutique and ICMAG is reduced to nothing. The good this is that ive heard that seedboutique.com staff is up and running and sending out orders as normally.
  5. thanks alot to canna man for that info i think we should maybe re name my thread and keep it for info on this whole ordel i will post if i get my seeds and i want to know more about this as GN has been so good to everyone so i want this to maybe be moved by a mod and we can us it for updates and new info so feel free to post any info you have on this subject and i will just what for my order thanks alot canna man IDAHOBUDS
  6. seemed more like POM was just spreading rumors trying to take over ICMAG, but the admins have reclaimed that too, so he obviously wasn't successful. that guy just does not seem trustworthy at all. doing business with gypsy is just fine...
  7. I agree 100%. Some say POM even went as far as to name growers by their real name on some boards (hes banned on planet ganga), along with speculation he has been a narc for the DEA to save his own ass. Ill give him the benefit of the doubt. Like I said I have and will stand by Gypsy and hopefully ICMAG will be up in no time. He seems like a disgurntled employee who has a personal thing for GN. He got a little power and went to far with it and now everyone sees POM for the real person he is. I do have to say that I believe GN is not totally innocent either. To change your name to GN is crazy, someting isnt right and it makes sense he did it so he could cash checks. The funny thing was that any talk of this GN vs. POM was extreamly censored on ICMAG, which doesnt seem right. I have a feeing GN was up to some underhanded shit (which I feel wouldnt affect his coustmers), but POM took it way too far. Now the only ones who are suffering is us. Cannabis the one thing thats supposed to bring us together and help us relax and it has turned this fued into a greedy powerhunger struggle, and its pathetic, Grow the fuck up, and oh yeah smoke some pot!
  8. well said cannabis man i hope this thread will keep it up alot of info on the whole ordeal and its very needed in this time im still waiting for my order so hopefully it will work out idahobuds
  9. idaho, since you told me you couldn't log in on the site I really think you messed something up with it, because you should be able to log in...
  10. Thanks. Not sure I followed all that, sounds like a mess.
  11. I ordered from them 10 days ago and got my order today in the mail,now on the other hand i ordered from Rhino and paid them March 20 th and still haven't gotten my seeds and they won't answer my emails.
  12. I don't know about all of these rumors, all I can speak on with any authority and truth is my experience:
    I ordered from seedboutique on March 13 via mail because I did not want to deal with the security issues using a credit card over the internet. I typed out the order form, used a USPS money order, included my email address (as it was asked for), and sent the order in. I even requested on the order form in a large font to email me when the order was received and shipped. Several email attempts (half were never answered) and 2 months later still no order. The emails that were answered were rather vague and 'dodgey', but I suppose that is the nature of the beast.
    Yes I realize that something could have happened on the outgoing or incoming side, but quite honestly that so rarely happens that I am at the point of calling the whole thing a loss. I have had my mail on hold for 6 weeks now because I do not want the order or the custom's notification to be seen by those I live with....
    2 weeks ago I decided to duplicate the order through Dr. Chronic's site and I already have the seeds sprouting and going well. Just my experience, but I personally will not use Gypsy Nirvana again.
  13. well my seed order came in today so that means that gypsy is doing what he has to so for future referance it came in under two weeks i guess my cc went through and i didnt really need my e-mail so i have my order in hand its female seeds 4 pak northern lights fem. and i got african durbin poison x skunk #1 by sam the skunkman well i just wanted to let everyone know that i now know that it is cool to order from seedsboutique.com the shipping was fairly stealth and in the box i put stealth shipping but it lacked alittle bit but it has no customs tag and the seeds are in my hand and that makes a good day and a true believer in gypsy but my next order will be through the doc he has get deals and i have not heared anything bad about him so i will try his service in the next week or so so to make this short gypsy has come through and he is a man of his work and a godsend to the cannabis community so thanks to everyone that replyed and thanks to gypsy for comming through he is a godsend to the cannabis community and there for i support him and will also contenue bis. with him in the near future and i would recommend him to anyone thanks again everyone and speacial thanks to Gypsy thanks idahobuds p.s. lets still keep this thread going i still want to hear updates about whats going on at ic mag. and seedboutique and what everyone else thinks about GYPSY:hello: :wave: :smoking:
  14. I had the same experience as green wax. I ordered 2 packs of nirvana seeds from seedboutique, and never got them. They wouldn't even answer my emails. So i ordered from drchronic, and my seeds came in after about 8 days.
  15. That does suck for yoyu people who didnt recieve your seeds. Honsetly if I were you I would email sb.com everyday even with the same email until i got a response. I have had nothing but the best experiences with GN, but that is unexcusable. I wouldnt stop until I got an answer.
  16. Thats the way to do it man, they'll give in at somepoint.
  17. I used my visa card and I'm thinking about calling Visa and asking them to check into it.
    My doctor has written me a prescription to smoke and grow so I really don't give a fuck, I want an answer to my email.

  18. hey man its idahobuds just to let you know i used a CC and mine came the other day just relax awhile thell come man it might take a week longer but it will come and if you have visa look into it and you do get your money back i would recomend doc chronic seeds hope that helps but i did get mine about 3 days ago from seedboutique.com

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