Worn Bongs?

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  1. Hi,
    Do you guys find brand new bongs much harsher than ones that have been used a fair amount or worn in? Why do you think this is?

  2. probably a bong you own that is dirty you're used to taking hits from. new bong - not used to hit, seems harsher.
  3. Depends on the physiology of the bong.
    Bongs have some engineering mechanics that make them different from other bongs.
    With pull, filtration. Reflux.
    You are most likely not use to it yet.
    The skank and rotten slobber act as a filter.  Smooth does not always = good.
  5. I find the opposite a clean bong tastes best that's why I clean mine at least once a week.

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  6. Worn in bong? That's a good one?
  7. Clean your bong..... lol

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