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  1. I currently have a G13 Labs White Widow and a GHS Super Silver Haze in 3 gallon pots. I have nutes already but I want to add more so these girls can grow.
    I'm already buying blackstrap molasses but I want to buy some earthworms for the soil inside the pots. I have the 2 week old seedlings inside the 3 gallon pots so the soil is very dry on the edges where the plant isn't. Having the worms in the container would help keep the soil loose and they are natural fertilizers. 
    Anybody try this? Earthworms used for an indoor grow? 

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    Blackstrap Molasses is good to feed the microbes in an ACT. I do not think you are going to feed your plants very well with it though. If you are doing it organically and made your own soil then those nutes you are referring to will be plenty, especially if you follwed ITG beginner mix. I have worms in all of my containers so yes you can use them. How much benefit do they bring as far as feeding your plants I cannot answer that part of your question.
  4. I guess the blackstrap molasses would be useless then, I'm growing in plain Scotts Topsoil purchased via Home Depot. I would prefer to have made my own soil but I just moved and got rid of my worms and worm castings, compost pile, ect. So this grow will be plain soil and fertilizers. My grows I'm planning for this summer will be more suitable for Cannabis when I have more of my tools at hand. 
  5. If you have worms in your pots, (happens all the time with organics) then you will also have microbes . So in that instance using molasses on your plants would help out those microbes, dont go crazy though.. might be too much K if your not careful, but idk, Ive never used exclusively molasses  

    but remember you need to have lots of organics in your soil mix for the worms and microbes to munch on too
  6. How about top dressing them with worm castings or make some AACT with vermicompost?

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