worms in soil?and other stuff..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by notallama, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. 1.Im sure this question has already been asked somewere but i could not find it..I was I have 20 plant I just started growing some of them will be males so i will take them out but I was wondering if I should put worms in the soil..will the worms munch on the roots of my plants or will they only eat the dead stuff...ive heard the make good soil but i dont have money for worm casting..

    2.Also when i have the male plants picked out should i throw them away or keep them(I have lots of property(100 acres)) will male plants make any usable weed..

    3.I was wondering about some good fertalizer and Ive read somewere that eco-grow works great and keeps the soil ph down...so were could i get some eco-grow..Fred Myers, Home Depot???
  2. 1. worms eat organic matter and expel great marijuana food, so by all means put them in there. you could also get worm castings which are the made of the matter which is expelled from the worms and use that as great source of nutrients for your plants.

    2. you could make alot of good cannabutter with those males.

    3. eco-grow is good as it maintains a level ph, where most ferts raise it when added, and it can be attained many places online and around where you live probably.

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