Worm Poop

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Apparently it is a great organic source of nutrients. Does anyone know how it works with growing?
  2. I am trying worm dirt at this very time. So far, so good. The plant is only 3 weeks old so it is about 5 inches tall and very bushy.
  3. Worm castings are great. MJ loves it -- very mild, can be used as a soil amendment or steeped to make a fertilizer tea. I recommend no more than 20% of your soil mix.
  4. I'll definitely try this then, although my plant grows in the wild.
  5. I also mixed in bat guano and sphagnum and she's :cool:now up to 8 inches
  6. Would steeped fertilizer tea work well with a DWC setup; and would you need to add more nutes as well?
  7. you should use a good high quality hydroponic set of nutes as recomended and supplement with worm tea keeping an eye on your ppms...most people like to grow at 1500 - 2500 but i stay closer to 1500 ppm when im growing with water...

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