worm castings vs. blood meal?

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  1. hey all, since im having a bit of trouble with those digging critters around my plants this year due to the blood meal, do you think worm castings would be a suitable substitute for Nitrogen? im still kind of leaning on the blood meal but i might just try to apply it after i harvest b/c i will be using these spots over and over again. maybe if i let the blood meal sit for a while will the smell go away and not attract animals? what do you think? thanks
  2. i always wonder why blood and bone meals smell so funky.
  3. Anything is a good substitute for anything as long as the plants like it.
  4. Can´t get blood meal here - I use horse shit and worm castings.
  5. try using some kind of bat guano or seabird guano.. as far as critters due to blood meal go, it's bound to happen, especially outdoors. moth balls, neem oil/extract, or tobacco juice should take care of that depending on the "critter."

    edit: a fence surrounding your plot is always a good call as well.. you can make a descrete one for cheap easily..
  6. i have a german shepard watching my yard so im ok if any animals try to eat my shit or if people try to steal it.
    he will lock on their neck in a instant lol.

    but for bugs i use sprays.
    i spray around the plant and on the leaves.
    fruit and vegitable bug sprays
  7. yeah for the bugs i gut soap/garlic spray. i think what im going to do in the future is use the same blood/bonemeal but i should mix it in after harvest so it will be pretty much settled by planting season again in the spring. also throw in some worm castings and some Hpoo for good measure. gut plenty of Hpoo ill tell you that lol! hows this sound for a plan? am i correct that the blood meal will settle and critters wont be so anxious to dig where my plants are if i apply the blood mean early?
  8. you can replace blood meal with (molded) coffee grounds or harder to get alfalfa meal+cottonseed meal. It can also be replace with high N bat guano (very good for mj, hard to burn with it).
    Bone meal doesn't attract critters. You can use that from what I read.
    Using blood meal as topping won't make animals dig up your plants. You can also place it early at the very bottom. Don't mix it in the soil mix (animals, critters...).
    Avoid seabird guano (too hot: can burn plant)
    Avoid high P bat guano (not liked by micro organisms apparently). Prefer kelp or rock phosphate instead.

    I'd just use coffee grounds (easy to find). I already have blood meal at bottom of the holes but they''ve been there for several months.

    Grow on!

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