WORLDWIDE - Where is the best place to grow weed crops?

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  1. Was just f*cking around with google maps and was wondering where I could move to for a few months in the year and grow my own crops.
    I suppose the best places would match the following criteria

    Relaxed laws/ so if you got caught the consequences would be small (like the oppisite of Thailand)
    Good climate for marijunana
    Low cost of living would be a plus (I'm not rich)

    Anyone heard of any places around the world where I could go grow a crop and just chill allready ! :smoke:
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    Not the best, but good climate for growing, cheap to live there, and it's decriminalized so you can grow a few plants there without any problems with the law.
  3. Aye my friends went on holiday to benidorm came back telling me the law dosent mind if you have a few plants , sounds like the place I want. I'm going to research it more now , thanks :D
  4. well u stay there few months to grow u also gota stay another few months to smoke all the bud u grow too.unless u plan to smuggle

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