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  1. I've been thinking about orderingseeds for some time now. I was originally going to order from Attitude, but then found They have a large selection of single seeds for order, and that's something I'd be more inclined towards.
    Does anyone know if they're reliable?
    You know, like stealthy shipping, and what it would appear as on my CC bill.
  2. I ordered from them on thursday around midnight got confirmation of shipping on fri and recieved my seeds today. i was really impressed got exactly what i ordered i let you know what my germ rate is when they pop. i did the cheaper shipping by the way and still got in 3 business days. it was my first order and i was nervous but i am extatic with the results so far i give em an A
  3. That's great to hear, thank you man :)
    Congrats on getting them so quick!
    Do you mind if I ask how big your order was? I was thinking about ordering around $70 of seeds (Does not include shipping) andw as worried if the 'package' would be too big? Or did they just send it in an envelope? which would be great if they did! lol
  4. 8 feminized :) lemon skunks cost me about 60 before shipping
  5. Awesome :)
    I plan to be ordering a few different strains, just a few seeds of each to see what I like to grow lol
    I was gonna get 2 Auto Blueberry, 3 Chrystal, 3 Blue Mystic. 3 Skunk Red Hair, and 3 Ice (All Nirvana except the auto lol)
    my total seems to be about....$55 or so lol.
    Let me know if your going to keep a grow journal, I'd love to see how your lemon's turn out!
    My brother and I weretalking about Lemon Skunk the other day...:smoking:
  6. well the good news is they all germinated, the bad news is my light fell on them and burned them all up and i almost burned my house down i put up a thread about it in grow boxes if you wanna see the pics it's kinda humorous and really sad
  7. Damn dude, I'm sorry to hear that. At least you still have your home...
    That still sucks major dick though...
  8. I made a recent order with them, and what can I say? They're great. I ordered on a friday, the beans shipped on monday, and they were here exactly 8 days later. Stealth shipping method was very clever, no one would have realized :) I placed them straight into damp paper towel to germinate and they were germinated and ready for planting in a day!
    I'm very impressed, and looking forward to seeing what grows!
  9. Good to hear. hope your grow goes well :)
  10. you can order single seeds from attitude as well, just pointing that out
  11. Yeah, and I think that is a really good service, I got 6 seeds with the intent of growing two at a time, so I was able to get all different feminized seeds to see which produces what I like most :)

    Thanks! me too, it's my first time with it but I have a pretty successful backyard vegetable garden, everything grown from seed, so I have a bit of experience (plus I'm in tennessee- good climate for it!)
  12. worldwide is a very good seller,very fast shipping,usually less then 7 day to the US.they are a little pricey compared to attitude,but if your looking for singles they have a better selection,you can get singles from any strain,not just a select few.
  13. well i put in another order yesterday goin with some automatics this time gonna see how they go, 1 of my lemon skunks survived somehow so i'm gonna put her outside and use my cabinet for the autos
  14. So here is a funny story. Order 7 seeds for 108 bucks on april 13th with the expensive shipping. I had to move out of my apt on may 1st and move to another state and the seeds werent here yet. My roommate wasnt home 2 days later when they came and couldnt sign for the package therefore returning to the post office. He was always a little sketched out about mailing any shit like this and since there were 40 some raids in the area i told him to forget it. I just took the 108 dollar hit and moved on.:(

    So about 2 weeks ago i emailed WWMS to try and get some kind of discount because i figured they just got returned to them. Well i get an email back saying my seeds were just forwarded to a temporary place i was for two weeks but failed to be dilvered and were ready for pick up.

    2 days ago i go pick up my seeds from a post office 20 min from me before they got forwarded a second time to me. hahahahahaha

    THATS 57 DAYS IN the mail and i germinated 4 of them last night, so far my jack flash has already sprouted!!!!!!!!!

    I cant believe they found me
  15. im also curious about this site as its not in the current and legit seed banks sticky, idk maybe i overlooked and it is there. i like the variety of single seeds you can get.
  16. What a great story! Usually you only hear about things being tragically lost in the mail- it's good to know something (especially something so important) was found! Glad they sprouted too, good luck!

  17. You have to keep in mind what breeders were used. However, very well said. For most i have actually seen very resonable prices.

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