World war 3 predicted....

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    So me and my buddy smoke a bowl before school one day and after the bowl he starts talking about how the ice caps are melting up north and how america is in debt soo much money ( 14.32 trillion dollars).

    The americans are gonna want to get some new resources and with the ice caps melting why not get all the gold, oil, and diamonds now becoming uncovered up in the icecaps....

    But russia is already very interested in alaska/polar caps region, you may recall them sending a russian bomber into alaska and the canadian airforce intercepted it. Russia once owned alaska at one time

    Canada is a little bitch(sorry for the confusion, HARPER is a little bitch) and will probably just sit back and watch america and russia fight it out for the resources up above canada

    Hopefully this does not ignite a nuclear war between russia and usa with canada inbetween it all....

    What are your opinions? I think he may be right because nobody has ever seen under the polar ice caps so it has been untouched for millions of years
  2. this is fuckin ro be bro
  3. Are you saying were going to mine santa claus at the north pole?

  4. Unfortunately yes.... :(
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    hahaha the U.S. is not in debt to China for $14 trillions, it's barely $1.3 trillion of the treasury debt, and they hold highest debt (that figure includes Hong Kong), Japan comes second at $890 billion. Taiwan $156 billion, Russia $130 billion, Canada (little bitch) $93 billion.

    If China did own $14 trillions of the U.S. debt, it would turn the U.S. in it's own personal bitch.

    Canada is getting ready to claim lands, they already told the U.S. and Russia to fuck off.

    Russia does not give a fuck, they already sent expeditions there and even planted Russian flag on Arctic sea floor in Aug 2007, as a FUCK YOU to the U.S. and Canada.

    Back then the Canadian government, not to feel left out, said the Russian flag "was no threat to Canadian sovereignty", they left it at that so Russia doesn't come kick ass and take names.
  6. Economic clarification: America DOES have a 14 trillion dollar debt (about 90% debt to GDP), but only approximately 1 trillion is owned by China, and around 4 trillion is foreign owned (Japan being second with approximately 900 billion).

    Personally I don't think that will happen, the rules of MAD (mutually assured destruction) continue to be alive and well between the U.S. and Russia. There will be a lot of contention over the resources there, but I more or less see it being solved diplomatically (aka by carving it all up, US, Russia, Canada will all get their share, and the other nations who say it's under their jurisdiction will get a far smaller amount.)
    America doesn't mine it's own resources though, really, corporations do, so I can see the increase in resources having an effect on the global markets, but how much material goods the American nation will attain out of it for their direct use I can't even speculate.

    just my 0.02 cents.
  7. "World War"

    this term generally means more than 2 countries.
  8. fuck the world. all i need is sweetheart mary jane.
  9. Usa and russia forsure and maybe canada and china might get involved


    Great pdf. in Foreign Affairs magazine if anyone's truly interested in the subject of resource politics in the north pole.
  11. Canadians ain't pussies we just to busy getting stoned/having fun to give two shits. :D
  12. lol what are you trying to say?
  13. if any thing world war 3 wont b with america and russia but with isral(i cant spell im a lil high) and one of the bording countrys talking about nuking with us being in a friendly aggrement and being the nicest nation out there we will send r ppl over there to die for something that doesnt even effect us. and i do think its a load of bullshit that no one knows how to run a country, the only way they r running us is into the my opion i think they should make marijuana leagal because it can be used for some many things like medicine, food, rope, fuel and much more.but hey im here to defend this country and who ever runs it, i may not like that but im not fighting for them im fighting for the people of america and for those of you who dont belive in military then FUCK OFF...if there was no miliatry we could end up as slaves, dead, or something eles but now that iv had my ranting moment ima go ahead and end this.
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  15. Sorry bout that

    I am canadian

  16. [​IMG]

    There comes a point when spelling is an issue.
  17. haha, im sorry to say this, and make canada look bad.. but canada never does shit, they're just followers of the U.S, never will they be a leader because they're too scared. not saying America wont have its day come again when we get our ass kicked, but im jus saying. Canada is quite pathetic when it comes to having anything to do politically and in terms of 'war' with the world.
  18. Maybe they feel its best to be pacifists? I think America should use Canada as an example for how we should be.

  19. This is exactly what i ment!
  20. Logic, dude, logic.

    US is 308 million vs. Canada 34 million.

    Makes no sense to compare then, even if Canada is bigger then the U.S., land wise.

    Russia on other hand, 142 million.

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