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  1. In view,of the crime against the people who lived,worked and partied in the WTC,I would like to post a few pics....nuthin gruesome,just an Americans view,,,hope ya like em...Peace

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  2. Under 3,000 people were killed in New York on 9/11

    It has been estimated, conservativley that nearly 15,000 innocent iraqis have died due to american bombings since the united states invaded iraq.

    Opinion is everything is politics and war; this is a hard fact. /\ /\
  3. I hate your president
  4. rasta is a canadian, he doesn't have to answer to bush
  5. I hope you are aware that every american that owns a computer and has access to the internet has seen that picture, and those that aren't american could give a fuck less.
  6. also notice that it was posted on september 21, 2001. over 4 years ago. it was bobby's only post. as for why the thread was brought back to life, i have no fucking clue. seems pretty pointless.
  7. How many "innocent" Iraqi's or Arabs have been killed by their own kind in terrorist bombings?

    It's a hard fact to swallow. It is the intolerance and ignorance of radical Islam that leads to war and death. If America was not their enemy, the various Islamic Sects would be killing each other, innocent or not.

    I'm tired of hearing the US painted as cold blooded killers. No other Country would go to the lengths the US has to avoid civilian casualties. When you put bomb factories in schools and hospitals, innocent people are going to die. That's why it is called WAR cause it sucks, and people die. Americans are dying to help a country that will one day give us the finger and say fuck you.

    What Middle eastern country would do that for another country or religion?
  8. shit, didn't even see that.
  9. This is the prime example of the stereotype of Islam that state-owned media has projected.

    I'm sorry you're so grossly misinformed.

    And yeah, i'm canadian, Paul Martin may be a moron, but nothing compared to Bush.

    So basically this is all jesse_123's fault?! BURN HIM!
  10. everybody hates our fucking president... even WE hate our fucking president... why cant ppl stop
  11. Regardless of wether or not the original reasons for going to war were correct, we are there now. We have destroyed parts of their country and now we must rebuild it. America has a moral obligation to remain in Iraq until the country has been significantly rebuilt and is capable of defending itself. To advocate the "cut and run" approach to ending the war is selfish, as it would be abandoning our newfound friends and allies during a time in which they most desperately need our help.

    And Jesse, good job on posting one word in a 4 year old topic :rolleyes:
  12. See, the thing no one seems to notice is that IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SEPTEMBER 11.

    So it's not really 3000 in 9/11 vs. 15000 in Iraq. It's more like:

    US Casualties due to Iraq pre-war:0
    Iraqi Casualties due to American war:15000+
    US Casualties due to American war:2160+

    I don't know why our soldiers are in that desert hellhole and if it were up to me I'd yank them out instantly...fuck the consequences, I'm sick of our soldiers lives being sacrificed so they can clean up Bush's runny shit-filled Presidency.
  13. I looked up the time articles and i had actually meant to put Afghanistan, DUUUUUH.

    My bad, it's no excuse; but i was pretty blitzed when i was writing that, so scratch it; replace Iraq with Afghanistan.

    The numbers in Iraq are actually much higher than that in civillian casualties, in the 40,000 range i think.

    (i feel really stupid right now, i just insighted a big debate on the war in iraq when i meant to insight a big debate on the war in Afghanistan)

    Though consider, they ARE actually still fighting and killing the same religious fanatics that did crash those planes, so i wasn't entirely wrong in bringing up iraq. Among other things, a main goal of their was to crush certain fundamental sects of islam, among spreading capatilism and taking control or the worlds largest oil reserve. And who can't forget those mysterious WMDs.

    And more importantly, Feanor brings up a good point, most of these soldiers are fighting a war that they no longer understand. They're fighting and dying and living in constant fear because George Bush wants more money in America and would love to spread his fanatic christian (ironically pro-life) rhetoric.

    And you have to look at this from a historical perspectice; George Bush is not going to end the warring of Islamic fundamental sects because of a 4 year war; these people have been warring for the past several thousand years; it is simple the nature of the region. He has this whole idea that Islamic fanatics will just go away because he's killing a bunch of innocent people, terrorizing a country and letting them have a free election. The second that America pulls out of Iraq, it will collapse. They will never be able to leave Iraq without another firestorm of religious persectuion and violence. (yes i do believe Bush has a responsibility to rebuild iraq)
  14. The only way i see our troops coming back is if it turns into a mass 'vietnam like' dissent towards the war. Or if the Religous right mysteriously decides that war is morally wrong.....

    .. and hooray for afghanistan. Our troops are dying in a freaking hole in the mideast, and bin laden is somewhere living large in saudi arabia, which happens to be slobbering all over GWB's nuts. Politics = bitch
  15. If only all the fundamentalist muslims and the fundamentalist christians would destroy each other.
  16. The opposite happened. Now the left mysteriously decided that war against sovereign nations is actually okay.

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